Club Penguin Trading Cards

Chinsetakout here!!

Club Penguin will soon releasing Club Penguin Trading Cards! You can play with them at home and also they will unlock a game on Club Penguin that you can play with others who have them! Comment if you think you will be buying a Club Penguin toy, book, or trading cards!



15 Responses

  1. I dont really like all this stuff you have to buy! What about you?


  2. i dont know they unlock some pretty cool stuff and i just got $40 for my birthday so maybe

  3. I don’t like Toys ‘R’ Us anymore. It doesn’t sell a lot of good toys and I’m more into video games now. :mrgreen:

  4. if it all wasn’t coming out at like the exact same time I prolly wouldn’t mind. But seriously, they are releasing everything (toys, ds game, cards) at like the exact time.

  5. i gotta buy something!

  6. hey guys havent talked to you in a long time how have you guys been

  7. i live kinda close to one place like that……. i want some stuffsssss. im azn… so dont make fun of it. itz called AZN PRIDE!! so shut up.

  8. I quit…

    Blitz7 :(

  9. Hey I am having a rare penguin contest, if you’re interested and would like to join come to this link:

    *no advertising* ;)

  10. I’m really sad at CP and Disney. The parties have special member only rooms, so you have to pay to upgrade. And Xmas is around the corner and there’s the books, card and games and the toys. Kids will just pester their parents for these things. The whole thing is sucking big time for me! A five penguin family. Guess it’s fish or pizza for dinner again!

  11. Almost 60,000 hits

  12. i met u… u ignored me

  13. ya true

  14. I wont be buying anything
    I am saving up for an ipod touch ;)


  15. wow guys 60,227 hits not bad and where have yall been havent seen you guys in a while you also havent posted on here in a while!!!!!!!!!!!!

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