Club Penguin Halloween Party Cheats 2008

Chinsetakout here!!

Sorry we haven’t posted in a while but it was the end of the quarter for school and we all had to work really hard these last couple days but now its all over and everything is back to normal!

First off the Pumpkin Basket Free Item is in the Snow Forts

Scavenger Hunt

1. Click the blue flag on the Snow Fort to find the Chocolate Bar!

2. Click the light in the Dance Lounge for the Candy Corn!

3. The Lollipop is located in the Ski Lodge Attic, just click the blue box near the ladder!

4. To find the next candy go to the Plaza and click the witch’s brew!

5. The next candy can be found by click the ‘Caution’ sign near the water!

6. Click the stars to find the next candy!

7. To find the Candy Apple wait for 3 lightning flashes to happen, then it will appear!

8. To find the last one, head up to the Bookroom and open the book on top of the shelf!

Once you have found them all don’t forget to claim your prize which is a Pumpkin Background!

Secret Room

To find the Secret Scientist Lab click the Green Candle in the Book Room to open a secret staircase!

This is what the Scientist Lab looks like:

Once your in the Lab check out the cool Lantern free item!


While in the dojo, once lightning flashes a ninja appears for a split second! I think Club Penguin knows that we are hoping Ninjas will come so they are going to keep putting hints out there!

Gary the Gadget Guy

Gary is now waddling around Club Penguin giving away free autographed Backgrounds! To find him head down to the Secret Lab! He will be there in different servers talking and giving away his background! Good Luck finding him! This is the background



8 Responses

  1. What did you dress up like for Halloween?


  2. i was a normal person with a hat with jacket

  3. Awesome post Chinsetakout! Comment back by clicking on my name. I’m doing that because I don’t want to advertise lol.

  4. nice post chinse! i didnt dress up as anything

  5. Hey dude!

    I can’t see my site on your blogroll list…

  6. Ok buddy!


    Have fun!

  7. awesome site!

  8. hello

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