Ninjas on the way?

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Chinsetakout here!!

First off, the map has had some serious changes. I think its because the new way there is more space for new rooms! They now also look more like the actual places!

Also the dojo is under construction! This is what the dojo now looks like:

They brought the miner’s helmet free item back also which is in the dojo!

If you walk up the green stairs it takes you outside the dojo where there is a man digging out the dojo! In my opinion this man looks like a ninja and i think all the dojo construction has to do with Club Penguin finally bringing ninjas!

This is the ninja like man’s playercard, his name is all question marks!



5 Responses

  1. the new map will definitely take some getting used to..but i hope now they bring some new rooms! i cant wait to see what’s to come with all of this dojo stuff..

  2. i am literally from 32 years in the future.There was a room for ninjas where the man is digging in a week there will be a path and you can become a ninja,

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  5. nice header! and nice post!

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