Ninja Secret,Contest Winners, and Sneak Peeks!

Update: Here is the invite to the 60,000 hits party! I really hope everyone can come! Please comment if you think you can attend or not!


Chinsetakout here!!

First off, to find the secret in the newspaper click the letters N-I-N-J-A to find a secret!



Next off there is a sneak peek for the upcoming clothing catalog coming tomorrow!


There is also a sneak peek for a new multiplayer game that will be coming out soon!


Now for the contest winners:

1st place: Bavin- comment your email for book code!

2nd place: cw

3rd place: Tragles



7 Responses

  1. I will post the invite to our 60,000 hits party soon!


  2. wow this always happens to me…i was in first the dropped jeeze now i am really upset

  3. hey u won my drawing contest!
    i liked the ninja!
    go 2 my site to see what u won. just click my name

  4. Will be there

  5. wow… Im going to try my best to be at the party Chinse. now i got 2 parties to go to today…. lol

  6. Lemme guess bellerophont’s party and chinse’s party?

  7. Hello!! im giving out a free account!! Please dont ban it! it is not a member! The username is moooo43 Password is Moooo47 Thanks Bye!

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