Club Penguin Clothing Catalog Cheats

Update: Don’t forget about the 60,000 hits Party TODAY Saturday November 8th at 10:30 am PST on Matterhorn! I really hope everyone can come and to see you there :D

10:30 am PST, 1:30pm Eastern Time, 10:30 am Western Time, 12:30pm Centeral Time!

Chinsetakout here!!

The shovel pin is in the forest!


Clothing Catalog Secrets:

Click the snowflake for the Pink Pom Pom Toque


Click the top of the tree for the Russian Hat


Click the Penguin’s Face for the Red Viking Helmet, open and close 4 times for Blue Viking Helmet!


Click the star for the Black Superhero Mask


Click the ‘N’ in clearance for the Mixed Braclets


Click the ‘N’ in Clearance for the Jade Necklace


They brought one new background the other 3 are brought back!


Wig Catalog Secrets:

Click the Spikester for the Spikette




24 Responses

  1. What do you think of the new clothing catalog? I like the scarfs the best! :D


  2. fast post!


  3. Yeah I like the scarfs too! And nice new header

  4. awesome thanks

  5. man i never comment on this site! Lol chewy pup is on my blog he is going to post for me once in a while! :)

  6. Hello, this is brownie wen. I want to talk to you about being partners!. I have my own blog, *no advertising* that has cool graphics, Icons, Funny pictures, and soon a movie center. Of course there is lots more. If you put me on your blog roll, I’ll put you on mine and even show you some graphics and things that i know. check out my site and send back a comment on this post.

    Brownie Wen

  7. I love it! I think they should’ve put some more new clothes and wigs in though, and I can’t believe they’ve brought back all this old stuff recently. Soon penguins like 800 days old won’t be rare anymore!

  8. Cool!


  10. Hey!

    Today is my party on Club Penguin!

    12 pm CPTZ Fjord – Dojo!

    I hope to see you there!


  11. Oh no, i may not be able to make it…

  12. Nice post!
    And cool Thanksgiving header!

  13. Dude I’m so coming to your party as Gardena Chil. Infact while soon, I’ll wait.

  14. I’ll be on the cove if you need me. Also comment on my site at *no advertsising*

  15. Chinsetakout, can you add me to your blogroll. I have you on my blogroll, and I have almost 54,000 hits.

  16. I’ll be there Chinse and BTW can you make Brax and Red a new header?

  17. i like your website ill be there

  18. Hey Im there so when are u gunna be there?

  19. Dude I’m kinda at your party now on the dock. And where did you get that widget of your 60,000 hits party? I was planning a 30,000 hits party soon.

  20. Hey Chinsetakeout. I’m at your Party I recived your Invitation in my Blog ;) I would love to have you in my BlogRoll, If you are interested, leave a comment on *no advertising* (Its in spanish, don’t worry leave it in english ;) )

    -Pin Wii-

  21. And dude when I plan my 30,000 hits party would you mind helping me?

  22. awesome post, and awesome party! but you missed one hidden item :lol: u forgot the black scuba mask from the “N” on the shoe page. :)

  23. hey thxfor helping me find the pin you rock

  24. how do u get gold viking helmet???

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