60,000 Hits Party Review!

Chinsetakout here!!

Thanks everyone for a great party… you made it so AWESOME! It was better then i ever thought it could be! Everyone was so nice and fun! There was around 20 people there all together and the party lasted about an hour :D You guys are the ones who make this site so great! The only bad thing is that the video clips i made got messed up and they wont let me play them :( Sorry but here are some pictures:

Here is us dancing at the dock at the beginning of the party!


Here we are dancing on top of the dojo!


Here are some pictures of are great costume contests!



Here is me playing find four with Braxonack!


5 Featured Penguins:

King Jax 97 was so fun during the party and was so nice! He was very good during the costume party and just was so fun too have there! Thanks for coming!


Another great partier was Jaibs97! He was really fun throughout the whole party and made everything very fun and it was great to have him at the party! Thanks for coming!


Braxonack was also very fun at the party! He was so fun with everything we did and was a great judge during the costume party! Thanks for coming!


Soboli was also great at the party! He was fun with everything, played all the games, and stayed throughout the whole party! Thanks for coming!


Dr Pepper 2 was a great penguin to have at the party! They we there for the whole party, was so fun during the costume contest, and was awesome to have around! Thanks for coming!


Thanks again for such a great party! I promise we will keep posting all the updates for you guys because you are all so awesome! Well thanks again to those who came and i cant wait until the 100,000 hits party! :D



16 Responses

  1. What was your favorite part of the party? Mine was sled racing and the costume contests! :D


  2. Sorry i couldnt stay through the whole party! :( i had to go help my grandma and mom and brother and everyone rake leaves. lol there are a ton of leaves every where! Great party from what i stayed for. 10/10! lol cant wait till the next one! i wish i could have stayed… it looks like u guys all had a lot of fun. :( Great party though! *claps*

  3. Congratulations Chinsetakout, congratulations!

    Sorry I couldn’t make it. I was moving the furniture in my house because I was getting new carpet.

    I really wish I could have come because it sounded so fun! I’ll try to come to the next one, ok?


  4. OMG im soooo upset i missed it i was going to go but then i had to help my mom IT WAS 12 and i had to get off…i had your party and waltdisneys party to attened and i couldnt go to either!!!!!! i feel soooooo bad and upset!!!!!! can we do a reparty for me we could do the party all over again…lol

  5. MINE WAS THE COUSTUME CONTEST I WAS JEFFH6 AND CHIN GO TO *no advertising* and sign up for the fun
    Chinsetakout: Thanks for coming! It was so awesome to have everyone there! :D

  6. Great Site!
    Keep Up The Good Work

  7. My favorite part was the costume contest! Also, how would all of you like to join the CP supersite! Go to Brax and Red for more details.
    Thanks for coming! Everyone made the costume contest so awesome! :D

  8. sorry i missed it, but i thought i should also tell you that i am now using your widgets

  9. :) I made it! Next to a official clubpenguin party, this party was my favorite. My favorite part was the costume contest, I won the black costumes! I had to leave sometimes to fix my computer connection, it lags A LOT!
    Chinsetakout: Thanks for coming! I liked the Costume Contest too! :D

  10. hi ill see u later

  11. i wish i made it. it looks like the best one yet

  12. Guess what? Hit party is coming soon!

  13. :-( I was there for half of it! but we had to go somewhere……
    Icy melts away (crying)

  14. I hope I was there.

  15. Welcome to the fish alot Cheats site!
    Ill have you the wp credis asap
    ~Fish Alot

  16. Yo! I Found Ur Site Right Now :cry: I Could Of Come To The Party! Nice Site ;)
    ~PiplupU (Rsnail 1st)

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