Ninjas, Ninjas, and More Ninjas!

Chinsetakout here!!

As you might have noticed Ninjas are hidden everywhere on Club Penguin! Here are some you might want to look for!

All these Ninjas come every 5 minutes:





Gift Shop:




Ski Lodge:




Click all the lightbulbs in the dojo from left to right then click the wear a hard hat sign! Then a Ninja Poster will appear!

ninja3    ninja6    ninja4

Log into Club Penguin on Big Screen then move your mouse to the left of the newspaper on the white then click, you will see a ninja jump across the front, left, or right window!

ninja7     ninja8

Click the ‘N’ on the Night Club to see a ninja hop by!


There is a sign for Ninja Training coming November 17 in the dojo!


The Dojo is more dug out now and you can now see the roof and some of the building!




9 Responses

  1. Do you think ninjas will finally come?


  2. training? duh!
    RED OUT :mrgreen:

  3. dude youre awesome

  4. well duh! ninjas are coming and maybe they will habe beard?maybe theyre holding the signs so the mystery doesent get discoverd but like we know they are real!

  5. that is so cool

  6. cool……do ya think tat its somethin to do with a secret mission?????

  7. chinse big news!!!! go to *no advertising*
    i won a contest! and not just any contest, fevers contest!!!!!
    i, so happy!! :D :D
    and cool css :D

  8. awesome post! i love the css too! i’d get a css upgrade if i could figure out how to add the codes!

  9. 15. That is freaky i noticed those to

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