Member Contest Winners!

Chinsetakout here!!

Wow! Another great contest, we will be having another one soon because all you guys are so great and we want to thank you for coming to our site! Here are the winners:

1st Place

cw1 (comment email for penguin info)

2nd Place


3rd Place


Thanks again for coming to our site and good luck with the next contest!



10 Responses

  1. congrats

  2. Good job everyone! Don’t forget to check back tomorrow for all the info you need on Card Jitzu!


  3. contgratulation also i am having a contest on my site thanks

  4. OMG! haha i just came here and my pic was there… how the heck did i do tht? lol btw chinse, did ya enjoy my songs? lol i had fun wit tht. lol ohh and my email is
    thats my club penguin email i use for everything. :D Thanks Chinse!

  5. chat is basically a chat room and my parents dont allow us to go on chat rooms and i was doing it anyways, but i chose to honor my parents and i havnt been on chat again since. im sorry. :( i wish i could go on, but i want to honor my parents more.
    Chinsetakout: Its ok, what i was trying to say was check your email. :D

  6. and btw, i got the email. thanks! :D

  7. lol i did.

  8. Hey Chinse!

    I really like the new CSS. It’s so cool!


  9. SLIP IMA HURT YOU!!!!!!!!!!LOL

  10. O.O cry cry cry. lol check ur messages on youtube buddy. XP im a keepin this peng though! lol

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