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Club Penguin Card Jitzu Cheats!


Hey everyone Dr Pepper 66 here and do i have some BIG news…

IM A NINJA! heres a pic: 110

In order to become a ninja you must first get the black belt by moving up rankings in Card Jitzu. Then you have to defeat Sensei.  At first it seems impossible, but after about 10 times i beat him with just the basic cards! Once you beat him he gives you a black ninja mask and tells you that the secret room to the left of the Courtyard is now open. Here is what is looks like:31

In this secret room there is a catalog. Click here to see the entire catalog!

Dr Pepper 66

Chinsetakout here!!

Card Jitzu is out and here is what you do to earn your belts and become a ninja:

First walk over to the pillow in the back right corner and talk to Sensei!


Next he will give you a Starting Card Deck which you can use to play Card Jitzu!


To earn all your belts you have to win matches against other players to gain expierience!


Here are all the belts you have to earn to finally get the black belt:


The game is similar to Rock Paper Scissors! Water beats fire, snow beats water and fire beats snow!




153 Responses

  1. How many belts have you gotten so far? I have the white :D


  2. yo sweet site

  3. Hey Chinsetakout,
    Hey can you advertise my site on your site.
    Thanks I Would Appreciate It!

  4. I have the Orange now!!!!!!

  5. WOW awesome css and post

    do u have AIM?

    comment back

  6. i have green!

  7. NOW I HAVE BROWN!!!!!!!!!!


  8. Omg i cant get on cp its soo full

  9. i cant play cp i think is having problems and load takes forever


  11. I WISH I HAD MY OWN SERVER! its always full!

  12. I finnaly have gotten the black belt! YEAH YEAH PRAISE ME!lol

  13. how do i get the white belt i won 5 games how do i get the belt

  14. omg same its really annoying me now

  15. Yeah, how do get the belt?

  16. yea how do ya GET the beltt

  17. How do we wear a belt???


  18. ive been to the sensei and when i go play a match i dont have any cards

  19. ouch i cant beat him

  20. I got blue belt right now!!!!!!

  21. I have an Orange belt! And you can’t beat Sensei right now. You need to become a black belt to beat him.


  22. no matter what i do i never get a belt i even did 20 fights and won and still NO belt :(

  23. can u make me a black belt plz

  24. im ninja baby secret room rocks! my names kidsicle in cp snowshoe XMON

  25. Well i’m a red belt almost black not half bad i guess i cant wait until im black and destroy sensai bye for now


  26. im only up to the green belt has anyone gottten to the black belt yet?

  27. I GOT BLACK BELT!!!!!!!!

  28. black belt!!!

  29. i am a white almost to yellow i think

  30. I am nothing belt it’s TOO hard to load servers. The dojo is always full and theres only 1 bar. I can NEVER get out of a match because it says The room is currently full or whatever.

  31. I’m a Blue belt!


  32. hey dr pepper66 can you give me some advice on how to beat sensei cause im a green belt but thanks for letting me see the catalog

    waddle on….
    cpidiot team

  33. hey where can i find the ninja catlog?


  35. :)))

  36. im on orange i cnat get passed it plz help

  37. how do you get belts? cuz i won 105 matches!
    plz tell me!


  39. im on the yellow belt PS I STINK lol i need some tips on HOW TO WIN please tell some!

  40. you have to go to sensai talk to him and click competition mode

  41. I am a ninja too now! :D
    Here are some hints:

    1. To get the most expierience DONT play with the blue mats walk up to sensi and click competition mode and it will match you up with someone.
    2. Try to play someone with the same belt as you or higher because then you get a lot of expierience points
    3. To beat sensei you MUST be a black belt and once you are you have to play him around 10 times before you can win. I recommend letting him win as quickly as possible until he lets you win on the 10th try!

    Hope this helps! :D


  42. Wow nice job Chinse! I’m a Red belt! I want to get on Clubpenguin, but I can’t get on Clubpenguin. Oh and Chinse, when you go to the secret room, and click on the Catalogue, do you have to be a member to get a ninja suit? Comment back.


  43. Hey! Ok I found out. If you are a non-member then you can’t get the Ninja suit :( :( :( :(


  44. Hey! Ok I just made a new page at my site! Please visit *no advertising*


  45. I dont have any of the belts. :( everytime i win a game, i have to quit cause the room is full and i cant get back in… im going to wait a couple days until everyone is over it so i can go on and get one.. i hope it blows over like the clothing catalogs and stage plays..

  46. :crys:

  47. dang. tht didnt work. :(

  48. I LOVE THE FIREWORKS!!! How’d you get those? Also, how do you get the deck? Sensei didn’t give me one…

  49. ppl heres a cheat to get into the dojo go up to the door and as when you get to the door press ctrl as fast as u can hoped i helped bye

  50. hey you rock you gave great tips that really helped me become a ninja on clubpenguin

    from: Mumbles 23

    or peyton
    Chinsetakout: Im glad we can help :D Thanks for coming!

  51. Ok, I got the cards now. I just had to talk to sensei more.

  52. Im mot a member so can i still get the ninja costume?

  53. hey how do you get the belts cuz i cant even get the stupid white belt and it really confuses me! please e-mail me back! im desperate!!!

  54. Im blue belt :)

  55. can you make me a black belt any one plz e mail me

  56. oh yeah e-mail *removed*

  57. how do u get yellow belt

  58. hey ? how do u get belts i have one but dont get a belt ???????

  59. :)

  60. :) :)

  61. <3

  62. um how many wins in a game to get the different coloured belts and did you beat the sensei without a black belt?

  63. Hey guys! I am so glad that I looked at this website. I love clubpenguin, it is like the coolest game ever!

  64. Guess what guys! I got three girlfriends! Soon I will be a member. I will keep this website in my head forever! If I get a black belt i’m gonna say’In your waist!’

  65. This is the best website ever! I am so coco about it! I got my own website also. I will turn my website into a clubpenguin cheats!

  66. Hey jake! Its me Popciclefred or Kobi. You have to get a yellow belt by winning somewhat times in row! call me!

  67. Orange belt now

  68. Dear young ones, very good job! You’ll be a ninja in no time!

  69. i only have the starter deck,I dont have the cards that have 10 points on except from the water one!My friend has them and she didnt buy them they just came when she started the card game.Everyone else seems to have them except me!!HELP ME PLEASE!Id anyone else in my situation?
    -Nic Nikki

  70. hi ho lets go

  71. I have the purple belt! Go Ninja-to-be Danny Dudert~ (aka me) Hey, is the ninja suit members only? If not, what other items aren’t members only?

  72. every time i go on compition mode nothing comes up

  73. my comp is bad

  74. this is stupid i know that

  75. im a brown belt but its so hard to get a black how did you do it?????? plz comment and say something about it

  76. some1 meet me in parka at the dock
    my user is greatseabue and i am a blue belt what about you!(^_^)

  77. aussie229 whats your website called

  78. hey how do you get a white belt and all the other belts i really dont get how to get any of the belts. please help me get my first white belt

  79. please help me get a white belt and all the other advanced belts. i see everyone else have a belt but me and a few other penguins.
    when will i ever get a white belt and the other belts i want to be a ninja like all of you great ones! please help me!!!!!!!!!!

  80. OMG! like i just got to a blue belt and i cant get a RED one!!! ARGHHH! if i don’t be a ninja in one week then i will FREAK! anyways when is the training going to end?

  81. ccan you get me a black belt my password is tyler and my username
    is tj8penguin. please get me a black belt !!

  82. Hey, can you list how many times you have to win to get a belt? In order?

  83. Do NOT Post cheats!!!!

    —Club Penguin Adminastrader

  84. im on green but i gave up im to busy buying new clothes D

  85. what do we have to wear?? i try to play but no cards come up and i haveeeee cards in cp

    • Chinsetakout: Club Penguin may be going to slow, so i would try to play again later!

  86. what do i have to wear/?i have cards but they wont show.. whyy

  87. HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Cool Site!
    Here is my club penguin cheats website!
    *no advertising*

    Here is my friend’s!
    *no advertising*

  88. :(

  89. yay im on a brown belt now

  90. Thank you for showing me the ninja catalog! Right now im a brown belt going on a black belt! Cool and awsome website!

  91. I still can not get a belt

  92. thanks

  93. im a orangebelt

  94. i am a ninja

  95. be my friend plz:)

  96. I have played again and again but senesi beats me and have trid 10 time and u said i win at the tenth

  97. These aren’t cheats!! They’re just how to play. I need help on how to get belts faster without having to buy cards!!

  98. Brown Belt Nd Stuck

  99. now i am on black

  100. how do you become a ninja

  101. u have 2 have the black belt

  102. I have the white belt. All I can say is good luck to everyone!

  103. hi

  104. ima ninja :D before i looked here

  105. hii awesome site! on club penguin my name is… lassy 505! im usually in beanie but sometimes i go on other servers! IM ON YELLOW BELT!

  106. I have one 88 times, and no black belt.
    On another site, it said it was 88.
    Do you know the correct amount?

  107. I am a red belt.Im only three belts away from being a ninja!

  108. I have a awesome Orange belt!

  109. I men’t Blue belt

  110. I’m a blue belt and i am loosing against white belts i need cheats badly now

    a penguin that needs help

  111. this is an awesome site but i forgot where all the cheats where, so if u know tell me cuz i forgot. oh and ppl!!!!!!!!!!!! send an email to me about clubpenguin cheats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Email: ana.bell2@yahoo.com


  113. Me a ninja!!!!

  114. black, ninja. Everyone will make it. I also have basic cards, I think it’s better to take the slow path, not the fast path.

  115. sup peolpe hey if you want to know im now a red belt and i need 3 more belts to go!

  116. Great site!

  117. You helped me a lot

  118. Im almost a black belt!

  119. nice!
    i need to know how many wins to get the black belt
    (after one round in brown belt)

  120. I;m only a yellow belt and i won like a million games but i cant get the blackbelt

  121. To earn your belts, you must play in Competition Mode and defeat many opponents. As you keep earning more belts, you have to start defeating more people. There are a total of nine belts that you can earn. Like I said, you earn a belt after you win a certain amount of times. Here is a chart that shows you how many wins you need to earn your next belt (credit to Big Daddy 55).

    White belt – 5 total wins needed.
    Yellow belt – 13 total wins needed.
    Orange belt – 21 total wins needed.
    Green belt – 30 total wins needed.
    Blue belt – 40 total wins needed.
    Red belt – 52 total wins needed.
    Purple belt – 64 total wins needed.
    Brown belt – 76 total wins needed.
    Black belt – 88 total wins needed.

  122. hey i know a cheat for clubpenguin on how to beat the sensei once uyou get your black belt the sensei will win about 5-8 times and then he gets easier and you win!

  123. Hi there! Does anybody know how to get the blackbelt WITHOUT earning the smaller belts?

    Many thanks
    -Muse200 <3

  124. WAFFLES!!!!!

  125. im a green belt..the card jitsu is really kicking my butt

  126. Hey everyone I’m a brown belt!!!! How many wins do you need to become a black belt?? :D

  127. Arrrrrgh I’m only a purple belt.

  128. no no no no no no im only a red belt no no no no how can i go to black belt faster?????

  129. why wont you tell me????????

  130. how do you get the black belt


  132. I’m a Black Belt too! It’s is so cool ! It just takes patients!

    P.s. I’ve never been posted

  133. i got da blue

  134. to get the black belt you need to win 86 matches. :(
    but thay dont have to be in a row. :)

  135. I keep getting beatin in card jitsu! :,(

  136. can anyone give me a code on the comments i live in europe and they don’t have any codes in europe. :(

  137. Huh no matter how many times I try, STILL NO BELT!!
    I think this is a scam!!!! Does anybody here go on Club Penguin and
    actually no what to do?!?!? A ten-year-old girl has to have a little information so she can at least get the black belt. Please reply back to me AND NO CURSING!

  138. how many times do u have to win to get the next belt up im a brown but when i win i never get the black belt

  139. Jaida i go on club penguin and this aint no scam its just hard to get belts but it is meant to be hard

  140. im stuck on brown belt
    do i have to do 88 after i got brown belt or is it altogether score as in i have to win 12 time after im really confused and i want to know soon someone plz reply

  141. In Queensland they play it scissors paper rock !!!!!!

  142. canyoutell an actual cheat to becoming a ninga like a flick of a finger

    • i have a brown belt

  143. Im a purple belt and i tried to get brown belt but its so HARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  144. i have an orAGE BELT

  145. i have a red belt. How do i get a black belt now?

  146. how do u exactly get a power deck though???
    and how do i get a black belt quicker though?

  147. i think this is glitched, it shows me having a black belt when i compete but i dont have a black belt in my inventory, the highest i have is brown, i even beat the sensei but i dont get the mask. what should i do, will this glitch keep me from getting the black belt?

  148. too get a black belt quicker you can buy a pack of trading cards at a Disney store near you hope this helps!
    cpc Mod, Bengallady7

  149. Blue belt – 40 total wins needed.
    Red belt – 52 total wins needed.
    Purple belt – 64 total wins needed.
    Brown belt – 76 total wins needed.
    Black belt – 88 total wins needed.

  150. yo, guess what?!?!?!I’M A BROWN BELT!ha!to all of you peeps that are under a brown belt,……………….IN YOUR FACE!tehe.

  151. i am a ninja

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