New Sports Catalog Secrets, Coins For Change, Toy Code Catalog Update

Jojo161616 here!

 Sorry we didn’t post early we were busy with Thanksgiving festivities. We all had a great Thanksgiving and we hope you did too! Plus the contest results will be posted soon! Okay let’s start out with the Sports Catalog secrets!

Sports Catalog Secrets

First click the penguin and then click the sea shell and the starfish for the Sliver Surfboard:


Click the ‘N’ for the Pommel Horse:


Soon they will be adding Christmas items to the Toy Code Catalog


Coming soon to Club Penguin is Coins For Change where you can donate your virtual coins to help decide how 1 million dollars gets divided to different charities.


~ Jojo161616


6 Responses

  1. What was your favorite dish on Thanksgiving? Mine was the Mashed Potatoes! :D Yum!


  2. My favorite was the Apple Pie :D


  3. Mine was the pie too. Also can you please comment on my site more. I’ll try to comment here more as well :cool:


  4. cool. its okay everyone is busy during holidays. hope I won the contest!! My favorite was apple pie like chinse!! =].

  5. Hey I cant see the fireworks background on my main computer….so it is hard to read the text…do u know how to load it? thank
    p.s. i have a vista

  6. nice thats cool do u no anybody who gives club penguin toy coin codes

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