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New Club Penguin Toys!

Update: Click here  for mission 10 cheats and Click here  for the Free Penguin Commenting Contest! I have put up pics of all the decorated rooms from the Christmas Party, if you want to check them out CLICK HERE

Chinsetakout here!!

Club Penguin has made some new toys!  Here are the new ones:

  • Gary The Gadget Guy
  • Football Player
  • Ballerina
  • Band Member
  • Explorer
  • Gamma Gal
  • Pajama
  • Ship Mate
  • King
  • Rescue Squad
  • Dragon

My favorites are:

nt1 Ship Mate and..

nt2 Gary the Gadget Guy

Click here to see all the new toys and comment which are your favorite!



Club Penguin Fireworks and Snow Surprise

Update: Click here  for mission 10 cheats and Click here  for the Free Penguin Commenting Contest! Also i have put up pictures of all the decorated rooms from the Christmas Party so if you want to check them out CLICK HERE

Chinsetakout here!!

Club Penguin has FINALLY released the New Years Fireworks! You can find them at the Mountain and Iceberg and at the Iceberg if you stay long enough the fireworks form a puffle shape!

fw1  fw2  fw3

The AC has also been turned on in the Ski Lodge Attic! It is filled with tons and tons of snow! There is also a sign that says they are going to use the snow for the February Party! Hmm…. Festival of Snow? Also have you noticed how some items that come in the Toy Code Catalog come in Club Penguin a few days later? Well i think the Snow Shirt that was just brought back in the catalog will be given out as a free item at the Festival of Snow! Comment what you think the party might be!



Mission 10: Waddle Squad



Click here for the Rare Penguin commenting contest!

Hey everyone Dr Pepper 66 Here! The New Mission came out today! Here are the cheats..



Mission 10 Cheats


1. Talk to Jet Pack Guy and G.

2. On the box to your right, pick up the solar panel.

3. Go to the Beach then the Lighthouse. Scroll to your right and pick up the barrel full of Cream Soda.

4. Go to the Beach and talk to Jet Pack Guy. Give him the barrel and then evenly divide the soda so that the 1st and 2nd beaker have 4 units of soda. The 3rd should have 0 units. (Click Help and the bottom to find out the pouring steps)

5. Go to the Dock and talk to the penguin with the rope. Put the rope in your inventory.

6. Go to the Gift Shop. Talk to the manager of the Gift Shop then take the big table, the clothes and the box and bring them outside to the Town. Place the table near the entrance to the Snow Forts and the Gift Shop. Then put the clothes and box on it.

 7. Go back inside the Gift Shop. Scroll to the right and then click on Rookie. Then give him the solar panel you found earlier. You must solder the solar panel to the cable. Here is what it should look like:




8. Go to the Nightclub. Using the rope you got earlier, put it on the pulley near the cage and hit the lever. Then the machine will break down. Open it up using your wrench from your Spy Phone. (The order of the gears varies-just makes sure all of them are turning smoothly.)


9. Go out the door into the Town.. Your Spy Phone will ring saying you should go to the Dock. Go there and you will see Klutzy holding a Herbert dummy. Answer your spy phone and go to the Nightclub.

10. Pull the lever to trap Herbert. He will then lift the cage and you must answer your Spy Phone. All agents will move in and you must move the lights at the top to point at the Solar Panel.

11. Talk with the Bear and G and then Herbert will escape.

12. Take Jet Pack Guys Jet Pack and attatch it to the cage!

13. Collect medal and gift.


If you need help with the previous missions, Click Here for mission tutorials.

In other news the Christmas Party is over. It was definitely a great party!

-Dr Pepper 66


New Years Free Penguin Commenting Contest!

ATTENTION: This Contest will end tomorrow January 1st at 11:59PM PST! Anyone could still win! Good luck! :D

Scroll Down for Mission 10 Guide and other updates!

Click here for the New Clothing Catalog Cheats!

Chinsetakout here!!

We are having a New Year’s penguin giveaway commenting contest! This contest is for you guys so that you can start off the new year maybe by winning a contest and getting this super cool penguin and to thank you guys for visiting our site! Let me give you some info on the penguin; Its 855 days old, it has a SUPER COOL name and if made a member would have over TWENTY rare items, this penguin is also VERY safe and the password is not its name. Here are some pictures:

cpeng1              cpen2

Here are the rules:

  • Starts Decemeber 27th ends Thursday January 1st
  • Anyone Can Enter
  • Person with the most comments wins
  • All comments must be numbers so for your first comment put: 1 and for your second put: 2 and so on
  • No Advertising, Spam, or Links
  • All comments will be approved right away


1st place: Rare Penguin and Player Card Posted

2nd+3rd place: Playercard Posted and Buddies Forever with Dr. Pepper 66, Jojo161616, and myself!

I hope everyone enters and has a great time! Good Luck and may the best commenter win! :D


December Igloo Catalog Cheats, Contest Results, and HQ Message

Update: With the new mission coming out soon you may need some help with the previous missions! Click HERE for video tutorials that can help you complete each mission!

Chinsetakout here!!

December 2008 Igloo Upgrade Catalog Cheats:

Click all the “Candys” on this page for the Gingerbread House


Click the door for the Super Deluxe Stone Igloo


This contest was great! We recieved over 10,000 comments!

Contest Results:

First Place: Blowsight10 (comment email)

Second Place:


Third Place: Kybird14

The new mission will be out the 29th! There is a  new message on the HQ Board:


Also how was everyone’s Holidays? Mine was awesome! Comment what gift’s you recieved!


Rare Penguin Commenting Contest!

Another update: We have reached 100,000 hits D We will announce party details probably after Christmas! Thanks everyone for coming to this site, its all thanks to you that we reached this goal!

-Chinsetakout, Dr Pepper 66 and jojo161616

Update: I cleared all the comments AGAIN to make it easier and quicker for everyone to comment! I counted all of the comments so far and have all the stats. To check which number your on look on the first comment of this post! Good Luck everyone and have fun!

Click here for the 2008 Christmas Party Cheats and Secrets!

Chinsetakout here!!

I just wanted to say happy holidays to everyone and we are going to be giving a Holiday Gift to one lucky penguin! In this contest we will be giving away an 870 day old penguin! That would make a good Christmas Gift if you need one! We also wanted to thank you for coming to our site and we are close to 100,000 hits!  Also the penguin’s password is not his name and is very safe, so if you win you can enjoy it forever D Here is the penguin that you could win and some member items it would have if it was made a member:

contest-peng  contest-peng1

Here are the rules:

  • Anyone can enter
  • Person with the most comments wins
  • All comments must be numbers ( ex: for your first comment put 1 and for your second comment put 2 and so on!)
  • No Links or spamming
  • Contest will go from Decemember 20th to Thursday the 25th
  • All eligible comments will be approved immidietly ( you can see other people’s comments)
  • Second and third place will get their playercards posted as well!

 You could be the one to win this 870 day old penguin! And remember the person with the most comments wins! Have fun and good luck everyone!


Club Penguin Mission Sneak Peek, Treasure Book Update and New Servers

Chinsetakout here!!

Club Penguin has released some new items in the treasure book! Comment what your favorite new item is!


Also Club Penguin Released a sneak peek of the upcoming new Mission! It looks like Herbert P. Bear is up to no good in the Night Club and by the looks of it, he may have broken the sign in the background!


Club Penguin has also launched six new servers:

  • Northern Lights
  • Southern Lights
  • Ascent
  • Snowy River
  • Snowcap
  • Snowmobile

The contest is also going great! Remember you have all the way until Thursday to enter! Good luck and i hope you have a great time and we will be having many more contests on this site :D