November Wrap-Up

Chinsetakout here!!

Well everyone, we had such a GREAT November! You guys make this site so great and i cant wait until we all get to party with you at 100,000 hits! Here are some of the stats you achieved:

  • Total Hits: 25,570 hits
  • Best Week: 9,370 hits
  • Average: 852 hits per day
  • Over 6,000 comments
  • Best Day: 2,427 hits

Thanks again everyone for  coming to our site and we promise we will keep updating it with all the Club Penguin News, Cheats, and Parties and everything else! 10,000 more hits until the party! Cant wait :D



4 Responses

  1. Thanks everyone, your the best! :D


  2. Wow. That’s Awesome

  3. Nice. I did a post about this too. But I can’t figure out how to count the hits in one month.


  4. Hey!
    If you want to win a Member, 930 day old penguin, go to my site!


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