Rockhopper Arrives, Coins for Change, Furniture Catalog Secrets, and New Play at the Stage!

Chinsetakout here!!

Here is the code for the Rockhopper Tracker! Remember this updates by itself and does not locate Rockhopper all the time. It is used to help you find Rockhopper! Check the Rockhopper Tracker on the sidebar for all the locations I find Rockhopper! Please comment where and what time you have found Rockhopper to help me update the tracker faster!

Last Seen at Server: Icicle

Click here to refresh the Rockhopper Tracker!

<a href=””><img src=”” /></a>

Rockhopper has arrived and he decorated his ship for Christmas!


Rockhopper brought the red beanie as a free item!


Rockhopper also made it so in the Game Treasure Hunt you dig for Candy in snow instead of digging for Gems in sand!


Coins for Change is also here! You can find a donating station at the Plaza, Beach, and Captains Quarters! Be Generous because you are really helping a lot of people! You can also find the Bell free item near at the Beach and Plaza near the donating stations!


December 2008 Furniture Catalog Cheats:

Click the berries on the Hollie for the Leaning Tree


Click the rope on the Velvet Rope for the Welcome Mat


A repeat stage is also back! You can find a non member background in the Costume Catalog!




8 Responses

  1. What do you think of the items Rockhopper Brought?


  2. I love the items! Im going to buy them all. lol, btw, does the tracker work for u? i cant get it to work on mine. :( im totally confuzzled. lol

  3. lol! its ok chinse, i got all 3! lol ur comments just wernt approved. lol! Thanks! lol… haha im going to laugh about that all day… “AHH! It disappeared again!” lol!!

  4. I thought RH brang stoopid stuff. I mean WHY would there be an ALL green parrot it’s DUMB!

  5. how do u make widgets???

  6. Hey :)
    Ur website is great .It has so many ways to get cool stuff & it’s not boring like any other sites i’ve been on so keep going ;)!!
    (p.s love the Santa background)

  7. The Rockhopper Tracker is awsome!!

  8. Thanks For showing us where the hidden items in the catologs are its great :)!!

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