Club Penguin 2008 Christmas Party Cheats

Jojo161616 here!

I am happy to announce that the CP Christmas Party has arrived!

Here are the free items:

You can find the Santa hats at the Snow Forts


And you can find the Santa Beards at the Ski Village ;)


The new pin is a present and is hidden on the fireplace in the Ski Lodge


Enjoy the party! I would definitally check out every single room and check out all the cool decorations and we will post party pics soon on the Party Pics Page! Also the Ice Rink is back replacing the Soccer Pitch!



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    Chinsetakout: The background isnt white it is a christmas background! Im not sure why it wont load, it might not if you use firefox.

  5. hey im tractor5 from club penguin u guys are awsome with the cheats happy holidays yo

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