New Club Penguin Toys!

Update: Click here  for mission 10 cheats and Click here  for the Free Penguin Commenting Contest! I have put up pics of all the decorated rooms from the Christmas Party, if you want to check them out CLICK HERE

Chinsetakout here!!

Club Penguin has made some new toys!  Here are the new ones:

  • Gary The Gadget Guy
  • Football Player
  • Ballerina
  • Band Member
  • Explorer
  • Gamma Gal
  • Pajama
  • Ship Mate
  • King
  • Rescue Squad
  • Dragon

My favorites are:

nt1 Ship Mate and..

nt2 Gary the Gadget Guy

Click here to see all the new toys and comment which are your favorite!



8 Responses

  1. Which are your favorite?


  2. Thanks for the sweet comment on ameeron. Can i be a author?
    Chinsetakout: Sorry,we arent adding anyone right now

  3. thanks for adding me to your friends roll rather then removing me

  4. cool, i want the band, pirate, and pajama penguins! also the pizza guy

  5. hey nice site keep up the good work

  6. Yet another great post ! ;)

    I have a 15 Credits Contest going on my site now ….
    If you want to enter click my name for more information !

    Comment Back !


  7. I like “G”

  8. i like clubpenguin hq

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