Club Penguin January 2009 Clothing Catalog Cheats

Update: The Contest Results are up! Click here to see who the winners are!

Hey everyone Dr Pepper 66 here!

The new clothing catalog came out today. Here are the cheats:

Click the Red Paint for the Spikester Wig


Click the Light Blue design for the Spikette Wig


Click the Flowerpot for the Fruit Headress


Click the Orange Present for the Yellow Scarf


Click the Top of the Mountain for the Russian Hat


Click the Top of the Tree for the Red Viking Helmet. Click it 3 more times for the blue helmet


Click the Snowman’s Hat for the Pink Pom Pom


Click the Snowflake for the Red Hoodie


The present pin has reappeared on the fireplace in the Ski Lodge . However, there is another pin located in the Lodge Attic. It is a Gingerbread Man Pin.


-Dr Pepper 66


13 Responses

  1. Thanks, you helped me find all the hidden items :D



  3. Hey Chinsetakout! I am having a Rare Penguin Contest on my site! It is a 1,200 day old penguin! I got it from my best friend! My website is *no advertising*

  4. i already found that all except the spiket wig which i already had but ive seen a different blue and black jacket on a bunch of penguns but i cant find it!
    Chinsetakout: I think that Jacket can be found in the Toy Code Catalog! Hope that helps

  5. Thanks Dr. Pepper 66 you helped me alot.

  6. cool

  7. UPDATE:
    Heyy Chinsetakout! Im having a party tomorrow, and i hope you will be there!

    Florida15’s 2,000/3,000 hits Party!!! Here are the details:

    When: Saturday, January 4th, 2009

    Where: Server- Sleet; Room- Dock

    Time: 4:00 PST, 7:00 EST

  8. Nice post! Cool new CSS guys!

  9. who’s drpepper66 is he popular or something\

  10. email me about who is drpepper66


  12. go to club penguin RIGHT NOW LOOOOOOOOOOK

  13. thanks alot

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