Member Party Sneak Peek

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Chinsetakout here!!

Billybob released a new post on the What’s New Blog today. There is going to be an only member’s party from Janurary 15-18th. He says that a lot of the items in the new Clothing Catalog will come in handy. He also managed to get us a new sneak peek of the party!


I think by this Sneak Peek and what Billybob said about the Clothing Catalog that the Member Party will probably be a Musical Fiesta of some sort. Maybe that means the Penguin Band? I hope so. Comment what you think the Party might be.



4 Responses

  1. I cant wait! There hasnt been a member party in a while! :D


  2. Me too (stickangry)

  3. WOW! You have a lot of hits in a little bit of time! How do you do it? Do you remember me? I’m Corn Chipper’s friend in real life.
    Chinsetakout: Thanks, nice to meet you! :D I hope you enjoy our site!

  4. This site ROCKS!!!
    Chinsetakout: Have you found all ten? Also go on my chat which is on my sidebar!

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