Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal Cheats

The party was great and i will post about it by the end of today! Thanks for everyone who came and im sorry to anyone who missed it because we changed the time!


Update: 100,000 hits party will be recorded and out of the 5 Featured Penguins, you the viewers will vote for who you want to win a rare non member penguin! So anyone who comes has a great chance to win that awesome penguin!

Chinsetakout here!!

Sorry i didnt post earlier, its just that i got sick yesterday so i couldn’t post.

Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal has returned at the stage and it is pretty much the same as before.


You can find a non-member background in the back of the Costume Catalog as well.




22 Responses

  1. I wish they would make a new play!


  2. That was an awesome party!

  3. dude im @ ur party now…thanks sooo much for adding me! awesome party!
    yeah…a new play would be nice.
    awesome igloo!

  4. hope i am featured

  5. Hey dude, srry I couldn’t come to your party. I got a hectic day today since I woke up and now it is getting better but still a little hectic.

  6. dANG MAN! i WAS COMMIN AT 11 30 LOL

  7. LOL, that was party was really fun. and the first one i ever went to…. i think.

  8. Awesome party! Sorry I had to leave early though! I’m glad we’re finally buddies! :D

  9. I came! You are the best Chinse! Hope I’m featured!

  10. So sorry I didn’t come to your party! I bet it was a hit. Just ask, and I’ll be glad to come to your next one.

  11. Hey everybody!!!

    I’m having a massive contest at my site!!!

    The prizes include a 1100 day old Member Penguin with 2nd pin, 4 other penguins and may many more prizes. So comment there for more points. For more info either click my name or visit the link below:

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  12. when will u show the featured

  13. Hi,
    Congrats about 100,000 hits!
    Sorry I couldn’t go to your party. When you commented it was about 3 A.M here.

    ~ Zappa Lc

  14. aww man i wanted to come to the party but i forgot… i had to finish a project : P

  15. Oh. How Did You Do The “Welcome To My Site” Thing. The One Thats Moving. The Widget Thing. Please Tell Me!!!

  16. Cool Post!
    Comment Back @

    *no advertising*


    I need a new topic!

    PS: I am Kjcvi, we’re buddies on Club Penguin…

  17. I’m really sorry Icy and I didnt make it…. we had no idea you had changed the time and showed up an hour late… i feel really bad cause of it. :cry:

  18. :oops:

  19. Hey dude! I am having a membership giveaway on my site, be sure to check it out! ( Just Click on my name )



  20. best party ever. I hope I get featured. oh and im one of the people that added you. I had a really great time. I was the best party ever!


  21. Nice Chinesetakeout, good post, if you dont mind could you please do the below, it would make me :D

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  22. everyone come to my b day party heres the info

    sunday 11th

    deep freeze

    snow forts

    11.00 pst

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