100,000 Hits Party Review!

Chinsetakout here!!

Wow! That was an awesome party! Thanks to everyone who made it and sorry to anyone who missed it because we changed the time. Thanks so much to all of you because you guys are what keep this site going and without you it would be nothing :D To thank you guys for visiting here we will have a couple rare penguin contest in January! Here is a video to review the party:

Also here are some other pictures of the party:

We played some Card Jitsu:




Also we had an awesome Costume Contest:




Instead of having only five featured penguins, we decided to have six because there were so many awesome penguins there it was so hard to choose! Well here they are:

1. 41

2. 51

3. 61

4. 71

5. 81

6. 12


Once again thanks to everyone who goes to this site for making it so great and i cant wait until we get to 200,000 hits so we can party some more :D



16 Responses

  1. Thanks for such an awesome party! :D


  2. I couldnt make it~ :(

    can i be author here? eamil me

    ur b fan!

  3. Hi I thought I would be a featured penguin but I wasnt :(

  4. wow, im featured penguin!?!?!!? TY!!

    ~ Sk8itbot!

  5. That Party was Awesome! I had so much fun, hope I win the featured penguin contest!


  6. Great job everyone! Too bad I wasnt featured…

  7. That was the best party ever. even though i didnt get featured. I still had an AWESOME time!!!
    Thanks Again


  8. sorry. i dont have 15 wp credts. can i be authorh here plzz? im ur b fan!? email me.
    i can try and pay u $2/

  9. It was a great party! I saw myself in the video! :D You forgot to click me though- but I’m not that bothered! :D

  10. cool party i missed it. sorry. also you dont know me but blow told me about your blog and i decided to take a look. keep up the good work. also if you have time please visit my blog..
    great post! :smile:

  11. I loved ur party! tons of famous ppl added me! and am01 is a featured penguin?!?!?!?!?! shes nto even the origional! :O!! lol.
    i was in the vid!! yay!!

  12. yes i am, THANX chinsetakout!!!! Your party was very shweet, the best 1 i i’ve ever been to!!!!!

  13. I am so sorry I couldn’t make it. I was at my grandparent’s house!


  14. COME ON PEOPLE!! Pick me lol!!

    ~Slider 466~
    P.S. I am in second place!! And I never won a contest before :(

  15. Chinse, can you please comment on my site more? Maybe visit more as well? I am losing hits and comments on my site! Yesterday, I didn’t even get one comment!



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