Club Penguin Member Party Cheats

Chinsetakout here!!

Sorry i didnt post its just that i had to study for final exams for school!

The new member party here and it is awesome!


There is a boombox free item in the danceclub! Waddle on over to near  the exit of the dance club and you will find the boombox! If you wear it with nothing else you  break dance!

c          l


Also when you enter the Room it shows all the penguins names on the screen above the sign up table!


There is also the new dancing game! It is kind of like Dance Dance Revolution. To play go to the  sign up sheet!

To play all you have to do is hit the arrows on your keyboard as the go in the spaces in the game!


Candence, the party planner is also Waddling around on different servers giving away a free background! I found her already and this is what she looks like and what the background looks like!

dp1        m

Well this party is one of the coolest i have been too! Its really fun with all the dancing and with the surprise of Candence coming around. I will post party pics soon of this party so everyone can see what it looks like!



5 Responses

  1. Whats your favorite part of the party?


  2. People said that if you get off the metal on the top of the night club, cadence would come. I think that is a lie.

  3. People are saying that if your stand on the metal Candence will come, others say that if you get off the metal she will land on it with a jetpack, is one of them true or are they both lies?

  4. heyy, oh yeah can i please be on your blog roll cause i am really good friends with hamruninu22, snowbossi and loads of pengs really and if you wanna contact me please do on and if you can please put me on your blogroll cuase my website is and please add me to your blog roll! lol if you dont i dont really mind put if you do i will give you a free penguin that i suppose is rare well he is over 1000 days old and has the beta hat so if you will please contact me and we will talk about the blog roll and the penguin.


    how do you keep up to date all your cheats.


  5. visite *no advertising*

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