New Club Penguin Pin Cheat- Taco Pin

Chinsetakout here!!

The new pin is a Taco! To find it go to the Snow Forts then click on the pin!

a1    b

The pin is probably a Taco because of the upcoming winter fiesta :D Ah cha cha Oley!



4 Responses

  1. Dont forget to scroll down for Furniture Catalog and Member Party Cheats! :D


  2. Hi Chinsetakout. My name is yogipen. I know that you don’t need help but I was wondering if I could be part of your blog. I really admire it and feel that even if I got to work on this site for a week I would learn some very helpful tasks and tips to help my site. Thanks again,

    P.S. Could you please comment an answer on my blog so I see it?

  3. Hey? Guess what? Im having my first party! Your invited. So is everyone else reading this:

    Muddgirl4000’s First Party!

    Why: We got 500 Hits!

    Where: Server Fjord, We will meet at the Iceburg and go off from there

    When: January 17′th, 5:00 PM PST or Penguin Standard Time (The time may change)

    Sorry for the late invite! Oh and I will be adding three penguins at the party!

    Hope you all can make it! Were gonna have a blast!

  4. That taco made me hungry
    can i be on ur blogroll?
    ur on mine

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