Club Penguin Winter Fiesta 2009 Cheats

Chinsetakout here!!

The winter fiesta has arrived! A cha cha :D Here are the Club Penguin Winter Fiesta Cheats:


Waddle on over to the cove and you will find the Mini Sombreros! Click on them and add them to your inventory!




There is also a new postcard to help get everyone into the fiesta spirit!


Also the rooms have very cool decorations! I would check out the Forest, Night Club, and Coffee Shop! I will have party pics up soon!



11 Responses

  1. What do you think of the Winter Fiesta? I think its pretty cool!


  2. Muddgirl4000’s Fiesta

    Why: 800 Hits!!!!!!!

    Where : Fjord, Iceburg/ We will move on from there

    When: Saturday 1:00 PM *PST*/ Penguin Standard Time if you didnt already know!

    PS.the fiesta is so rockin! I hope you can come to my party chinsetakout. that would rock! thanks!

  3. Hey china i accept to work here p.s do you have any penguins like the 1030 one thats my offer i would like one lol but i will work here wont fail you

  4. or some credits atleast 30 for a domain and custom CSS your choice ;) im good with organizing so i have things always planed

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  6. cool!

  7. Want to subscribe for my weekly newspaper? Click this link! *no advertising*

  8. the party is really boring

  9. Hey everybody

    I’m having a 30,000 Hits party

    And I’m gonna give away 6 Coin Codes to unlock items for your penguin.

    I hope everybody can come

    For more info go to *no advertising*

    You might win a code


  10. Can you make ame a CSS? I added you as adnin.

  11. Can you make me a CSS? I added you as adnin.

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