Club Penguin Sports Catalog Sneak Peek and EPF Update

Chinsetakout here!!

Club Penguin has released a new sneak peek of the upcoming sports catalog which is coming this Friday. My guess is that they might bring the USA headband back because it was all over the Penguin Times. They also released a new update about Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force on the DS. Here is the sneak peek:

This sneak peek definitally looks like a Rock Climbing wall on the left but im not sure about the thing on the right. Comment what you think they might be.


There is also a new update for EPF. It is now available in England and some Latin American Countries and will be in the United Kingdom by Spring 2009 and in Australia by Autumn 2009!



7 Responses

  1. Pretty cool sneak peek! The rock climbing wall looks awesome! :D


  2. I dont think its a rock climbing wall it looks like fungi

  3. I dont think its a rock climbing wall it looks like fungis

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