Rare Penguin Contest Results

Chinsetakout here!!

The contest is now over and it was an awesome one! Also do you like the site look? Hover your mouse over the date on the posts for a surprise! :D

Anyway here are the winners:
First Place:  Sparky681 (comment email for penguin info)

Second Place: Indy59

Third Place: contest1

Thanks for everyone who participated, we will have another contest soon but maybe this time a scavenger hunt? We will see.



6 Responses

  1. Congrats to everyone!


  2. Great Job Sparky and Indy! Ya’ll ran a…. well… commented anyways…. commented a great race! :D Great Job!!!

    8O OMG!




    yes im bored, sleep deprived… all the above. :D fun fun fun!! lol just ignore me

    anyways, good job again guys!


  3. Yah! I Won!
    Thanks! My Email Is sparky.cheats@yahoo.com

  4. The Account Is Great!
    Not That Much Items, But This Have Some Great Items!
    Thanks Chinsetakout!
    Hope To Enter One Of Your Great Contest!

  5. 80

  6. 8O

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