Club Penguin Player Card and Party Updates

Chinsetakout here!!

Club Penguin has updated the playercards and the party sign in the Ski Lodge!

Club Penguin has made it so you can see other member’s member badge!


You cannot even see a smiley on a non-member anymore.


Also there is a glitch right now where if you click the name of someone on your buddylist then even if they are a member there won’t be a member badge!

Club Penguin has also changed the sign in the Ski Lodge from February Fun to March Fun!




5 Responses

  1. Pretty cool eh? What do you think will be happening in March that needs all that snow?


  2. I voted for you on Bodge’s blog! It was hard to pick between you and Thesource. But you came out on top.


  3. WOAH!!! u used my penguin!! o.o why did u use my penguin? XD lol

  4. how do you make a tracker????

  5. Nice blog and css I recently got a new site and need people to click on ads 3 times on it

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