New Club Pengun Name Cheat

Chinsetakout here!!

I just found a new Cheat on Club Penguin that is really awesome! This cheat helps you make awesome names on Club Penguin. Click more to find out how:

1. Click Create a New Penguin on the Log in Screen


2. Use these Special Symbols to make a cool name:  TM ® © I recommend not using Moderator or Penguins like Aunt Arctic, Rockhopper, Gary etc. because usually those kinds of names come out as a penguin name.


3. Confirm the email and now you have your cool penguin name!

Here are some i made and have seen on Club Penguin:

cheat31     cheat4

 Still no new book, but we will have all the Cheats once it comes out. I think they should call an exterminator to help with all those bugs! :D



20 Responses

  1. Well i think this an awesome cheat! Also i would do it before Club Penguin fixes it!


  2. Add me to ur blogroll thx, i doesnt say i have to add u lol, my site is
    *no advertising*

  3. how do u make special letters??

  4. ummmmm????? credit …. wow dude.

  5. how do u make tm on the name so high

  6. can u bann jaibs an king jax from the chat
    thay are annoying

  7. cool chinse! dude u have like 30 people on ur site

  8. Chinse, can you please make a CSS for me?


  9. Awesome cheat! I’ll post this on my site with credit to you.

  10. I would totally give you 15 credits but I don’t have it :( I am very sorry. Just make my CSS like yours but different colors.


  11. Want to join the Leader army of Clubpenguin? We are the Sabreninjas! Our army is well oranized and will soon be very powerful. Please join!

  12. How do you make that C and R thingy and that tm thing? I don’t understand it…

  13. Oye no se como poner eso de c y r dentro del circulo. xfis respondeme diciendo como ponerlo

  14. Who’s that guy above me?:|

  15. Uhhhh o yea it wont work anymore i made my penguin with these in it TM ® © then it says penguin not found

  16. ok try this go to the cove go to the fire then go to the plazza then go in the piza palor then go to play bean counters then go back to the cove and youl be walking with the newspaper and get to walk on fire and if u can give me a member penguin my email is ok see ya my name is when hopper look for me in deep freeze see ya : from when hopper:toclub penguin world

  17. do you have to pay to be amember come on its not fear to pepole please can you not pay it will be easy please

  18. how do you do the small tm n stuff like that

  19. anyone no any glitches ? :)

  20. i think u should tell propper cheats and sceats

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