Club Penguin Puffle Updates

Chinsetakout here!!

Club Penguin has revealed what the party will be this month and some updates they will be making with puffles! Click more to find out what:

Club Penguin announced that starting February 13th if you have puffle furniture in your igloo with your puffle it will start to play with it but that is just the start!



Also on February 20th there will be the FIRST ever Puffle Party! Sounds so awesome to me! Im not a big puffle guy but it will still be cool to have a puffle party :D Comment what you think!



7 Responses

  1. Sounds so awesome! Which are you looking forward to most the Puffle Party or the furniture update?


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  3. omg i have like 5 puffles i cant wait

  4. Hey Chinse did you see the danica patrick commericals those were hilirarious

  5. Cool post!

  6. wicked

  7. dang. yall r almost to 200,000 hits already!! and u just had ur 100,000 hits party!! lol great job

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