Club Penguin February 2009 Clothing Catalog Sneak Peek

Chinsetakout here!!

Club Penguin just released a sneak peak of a whole page of the upcoming Clothing Catalog! Click more to see what it is:

This sneak peek was just released by Billybob from the February 2009 Clothing Catalog. He says that Club Penguin wants to get back to the basics for the Clothing. Here it is:


I think my favorite item is the Green and Blue Rugby Shirt! Comment what yours is. The red plain shirt is also an old item that will be brought back. I like how they are bringing items with different colors because it gives more variety! Well this catalog will be released Friday February 6th so check back here then, to find all the Cheats and Secrets!



5 Responses

  1. Can’t wait until the new Catalog! :D Whats your favorite item from the Sneak Peek?


  2. Chinsetakeout, why do all of your posts have a “More” sign?
    Comment back.


  3. I am having a Free Penguin Giveaway on my site. If you comment telling me how to make my own Custom Pin Tracker, you will get 100 free points on any contest on my site of your choice. Thank You so much

  4. It would be awesome if you joined my club penguin army the CPRA you would make a great edition if your intrested click here *no advertising* anyone can join it would also be awesome if you got other people to join to!

  5. AWESOME!!!!! But I think its kinda nerdy shirts goin on!

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