Club Penguin February 2009 Clothing Catalog Cheats

Chinsetakout here!!

Club Penguin just released the new Clothing Catalog! Click more for all the Cheats and hidden items:

I think the new Clothing Catalog is awesome! My favorite items are the plain t-shirts! Comment which items are your favorite! Well there are tons and tons of Cheats so we better get started:

Click the “S” in T-Shirts for The Spikester


Click the “E” in Penguins at Work for the Spikette


Click the blue bubble for the Fruit Headdress


Click the flower pot for the Red Viking Helmet


Open and close the Red Viking helmet four times for the Blue Viking Helmet


Click the Penguin’s Beak for the Russian Hat


Click the snowman’s face for the Yellow Scarf


Click the “A” in Clearance for the Pink Pom Pom Toque


Click the “L” in Clearance for the Red Hoodie


There are three returning backgrounds and one new one.




22 Responses

  1. Awesome Catalog! :D What was your favorite item?


  2. my favorite item has gotta be the green cap!

  3. Mine is the Puffle thing.

  4. I can hardly read comments on this site.

  5. sweet thanks dude whats about the catalog did everyone like most?

  6. i love club penguin! my favorite items are the tee shirts and definitly the cool pink designer scarf! ttyl.

  7. dude email me at *removed* for a invite to my 5000 hits party

  8. i got an idea
    go around
    wearing the puffle thing
    and say am i golding poop

  9. cool! check out my website! it has screenhogs pass on it, you are not aloud to copy from my site with out permission!

  10. heyyyyyyy!
    Please check out *no advertising* and find a totally new way to “Laugh your BUTT off” SERIOUSLY! Please help us out and visit!
    -Pinkey2we :mrgreen:
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  11. u r awesome at finding out the hidden items in cp plus u rocks waddle on cp

  12. Oh yeah in the upcoming events thing on the right side on Febuary 13th you should put puffle play for when the puffles start to play with the furniture. But anyways, thanks! This really helped.

  13. Nice Post Chinse! Past 200,000!

  14. Do you have AIM? If so, add Chrisdog93cp.

  15. I loved it thx!

  16. heyy

  17. I wonder when the new pin will be out. I cant wait!!

  18. i like cp :)

  19. )^*(*%NM^&I &M^(I%$&#

  20. Hello penguins, i am rockhopper. I do approve of this site and i dont. It has the secret agent catalogue and thats unfair because its supposed to be a secret and everyone knows what it looks like now. Im not saying you should delete it, Im just saying to have a think, Thats all.

    My fairwell, rockhopper.

  21. thanks for the help i also have a web at * no advertising *

  22. Nonee of these hidden item cheats worked for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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