Club Penguin Puffle Play and Party Updates

Chinsetakout here!!

Club Penguin realeased new Puffle Play and Party updates today! Click more for all the info:

Your Puffles will now play with all their furniture! It takes a while for them to do it because they have to walk over to it by themselves. Here is some pictures of Jojo161616’s puffles playing!

pd5 pd6  pd7  pd8 pd9 pd10 pd11

Club Penguin has also started decorating for the Upcoming Puffle Party!


There are also boxes that are different colors according to which puffle the room will be decorated after:

  • Black: Pool
  • Red: Cove
  • Pink: Iceberg
  • Yellow: Lighthouse
  • Green: Beacon
  • Purple: Dance Club
  • Blue: Forest

I can’t wait for the upcoming Puffle Party i think its going to rock! :D



4 Responses

  1. Pretty cool updates! Tell me what you think of them. Cant wait until the Puffle Party too! :D


  2. cool i saw my puffles play

  3. When their health bar is full or almost full tell them to play and they will play with their furniture, you dont have to wait!:D

  4. how do u get them to play?

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