Club Penguin Mysterious Wallpaper Puffle

Hey Dr Pepper 66 here!

There is a mysterious puffle in the new wallpaper. Click more to find out all the info:

I was looking around the community section on Club Penguin and saw there was a new wallpaper. I looked at it for awhile and realized there were 8 puffles in the wallpaper! Check out the wallpaper:


This is also a zoomed in version of the mysterious puffle in the pink play area!


Too bad we cant see what color it is :cry: I think it all has to do with the upcoming puffle party. There is probably going to be a new species that is attracted to the party because they are puffles everywhere! Im thinking the new color will be orange, brown, or maybe even rainbow ;) Comment what color you think it might be if there is a new one is released.

– Dr Pepper 66


19 Responses

  1. Wow good find Dr Pepper 66! Lol i totally missed that :) I definitally hope it is orange :D


  2. hey its atomic skull can i be on your blogroll? i have all of the requirements.

  3. what else do u wnat besides a coin code

  4. i think it will be a dark blue

  5. i think it will be an orange puffle! and also can you add me to your blogroll because i added you to my blogroll so can you add me please please please!

    *no advertising* is my site but i am really sorry for putting my site on your website coz i no i am not suppost to do it but please i really want penguins to visit it!


  6. ok chinse i really want to get a rare penguin and i can’t get u a coin code what should i do or what else do you want
    Chinsetakout: 15 wordpress credits would be just as great!

  7. umm how the heck do i get wordpress. credits :( this is hopeless i will never get a rare penguin in my life and if i have to pay for it im just paying money for you because i dont have a wordpress i dont know this stuff please comment me back

  8. chinse id rather not get a rare penguin than see what i can get and what i cant :(

  9. its really bugging me i dont have any rare penguins wait i can probably get you some more hits if thats what u like

  10. Hey Chinsetakout, Dr Pepper, and Jojo is Bob! I think it’s probably orange because that’s like the only color left out of the colors they have.

  11. mabey its maroon

  12. it could always be another black puffle

  13. u never know

  14. the pink puffle looks scared to death

  15. the red puffle is looking crazy and the green puffle is thinking this is the life

  16. Oh i asked cp wat it was it was a black puffle :D

  17. wow good job pepper

  18. it should be a white puffle

  19. Hey Guys! This is Sempron, I doubt you guys know me, so I’ll tell you a bit of me: My penguin is Sempron, 900-day-old non-member penguin. That wallpaper caught my eye…I don’t mean the mysterious puffle eyes, I’m talking about the purple puffle. Did you guys notice, that penguin has a body!! I imagined it was a ball, but then, who sleeps with rubber balls, right? Check it out, any suggestions?

    P.S. Didn’t it cross your mind that the mysterious eyes could belong to a particularly suspicious YELLOW puffle?

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