Club Penguin Times #175

Chinsetakout here!!

Club Penguin released a new Penguin Times today. Click more for all the info:

The 2009 Club Penguin Puffle party is starting this Friday so dont forget to check back here for all the Cheats and Free Items!


They also put a section in about all the different myths about puffles!


There is a new Secret Revealed:


Sensei’s Fortune cookie predicts that Rockhopper will be coming soon!

Look out for these events coming to a Club Penguin near you!




5 Responses

  1. I cant wait for Rockhopper to come back! What item do you hope he brings? I would like if he brought the black striped pirate shirt back! :D


  2. hey chinse i will give anything but wordpress credits and a coin code something i have

  3. By the way Chinse go to my site!
    Thanks! :wink:

  4. i visted a random link to get here lol

  5. this is old

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