Club Penguin Puffle Video

Chinsetakout here!!

Club Penguin just released a new video on Puffles. Click more for all the info:

This video is all about Club Penguin Puffles in the wild. It is very funny, especially at the end. It is like a documentary with the english accent and all :D Enjoy…

Click here to watch the Puffle Video



12 Responses

  1. Awesome video! :D Also look at the comments on the Club Penguin Blog video, you might recognize a name ;) ( Dr. Pepper 66) Whats your favorite part of the video?


  2. i put this vid on my site

  3. hey chinse sup dude!?

  4. thats because i dont want to be on ultimate links by a famous penguin jerk who doesnt want a big blog roll

  5. if you look in the herd of puffles you could see a wite puffle

  6. i meen white sry

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  8. and PS: i already added you to my site


  10. dude i dont know why you dont want a normal blog roll anymore! you are acting like a jerk. and all you care about is if ur still on my blog roll!

  11. Can i work here?????

  12. Hi, i was wondering if u can help me?

    I have a website of my own like urs but i need to take good photo’s/pictures of stuff like urs. my pics r not very good and i need soem help on it.

    Plz reply

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