Club Penguin Rockhopper Tracker

Update: I cannot update the Rockhopper Tracker probably until the end of the weekend because I am sick with the Flu :cry:

Click here to see Rockhopper’s Playercard with Yarr!

Chinsetakout here!!

This is my Rockhopper Tracker that I made to help you find Rockhopper. Please know that I update this when I see him on Club Penguin so it will not track every server he goes on but still makes your chances of finding him better. If you have never seen Rockhopper before or just love partying with him I recommend watching this Tracker as much as possible and keep refreshing the page. CLICK HERE TO REFRESH THIS PAGE Also if you want to put this tracker on your site to help your viewers find Rockhopper just click the widget and copy the code! I also highly recommend to put this tracker on your sidebar not a post because the code works better with a sidebar widget!

Click here for Rockhopper Tracker Code!

If you find Rockhopper please comment on this post saying where right when you find him so i can update the Tracker even faster for everyone! :D



39 Responses

  1. Please comment here if you find Rockhopper! :D Thank you!


    • i found him at the ice berg lol

      • NO YOU DIDNT
        hes offline

  2. sweet but can this go on webs my site is made on webs


  4. china i just donated 15 credits to you can you plz help me with the CCS

  5. boo

  6. its cool

  7. he is not offline

    • Chinsetakout said he updates it when he sees Rockhopper and not when other people do.

  8. so cool i wanna meet you

  9. hey cool rockhopper comented i read it you know he’s right

  10. Your so lucky. I wish I had these fireworks on my site. I wish I had the welcome widget. Youre site is the best of all. U rock. Plz at least give me the widget code for the welcoming widget. If you become more generous plz make me something like the firework stuff. Plz visit my site and comment. *no advertising* . Comment with the stuff im asking for. If you need me to give u my wordpress pass just e-mail me at . Thank You and PLz Help Me. YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also I saw Rockhopper at Mammoth Iceberg but I dont think hes there anymore.


  11. Hey I just wanted you to know I am having an author contest.
    Please go to *no advertising* and enter!

  12. his at big surf right now hurry!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Nice post Chinse.

  14. Hey china, sad told me u had the flu!! 8O I hope u feel better soon buddy!!

  15. […] so it will not track every server he goes on but still makes your chances of finding him better. Read More|||Rockhopper’s here and we hope you can check out the Migrator for any surprises he might have […]

  16. Can I be on ur ultimate blog rolll?
    Ive added you!

    • Please click the Ultimate Blogroll sidebar to to be on the Ultimate Blogroll.

  17. sup

  18. he was on sleet at the ship hold, we raced to the cove and then to the forest after 10 minutes

  19. ): i hope you feel beter.

  20. :( be better soon china i miss you already

  21. Hey Can I be on ur blogroll cos ur on mine

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  23. i met rh 3 times

  24. china i decided you can keep 10 of the credits and give me 5. but this is the only thing i need help with. well if you can get that fireworks thing on mine that will be a big help and that border at the top i have 1 up there but i need help with the second one (when you put your mouse on the border it changes to a different border) and can you make the border? ok you can just keep all the credits. i dont really need all those.

  25. woo hoo! the tracker was accurate! :D

  26. dude the white puffle comes out friday

  27. get better China!! and don’t infect your chef hat ;)

  28. Chinse I want to know if you can give me some wp credits. The other tihng I wanted 2 ask you was that if you want anyone else to work on your site????????? I guess im just a penguin to you. But please consider me. If you want to tell me im in. Just e-mail me at Thank-You Chinsetakout…..


  29. First blog I read after wakeup from sleep today!


  30. Hey! Thanks for adding me as a buddy! Cool Site!

  31. I’m 50 cent 254 leader of the CPRA (club penguin rulers association) click my user name to go to the CPRA Site. Our General Storm 479 became the 2nd highest rank in just 23 days! and we already have 45 members in 1 month! All of our 25 active members really enjoy it. If you wanna have more fun in CP and have never tried a CP Army CPRA is perfect for you. Just try it for 10 days and I guarantee you will really enjoy it and have more fun in CP.

  32. hey the last that i saw rockhopper was at the
    ship dock.

  33. Since you don’t fix the tracker anymore… I might as well find another tracker… with this tracker YOU BOMBED MY RECORD!!!!!!!!!!! My record was every time Rockhopper came I would see him… but this time it is the last few hours until he leaves so that tracker bombs my record… you never know you might have been close to bombing my whole Club Penguin Cheats site!!!!!!!!

    • He didnt know! And besides, your the one who used the tracker so its not his fault! Be a little nicer next time you comment to Chinse!
      (CPC MOD)

  34. i fpund him a lot of times

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