Club Penguin Play Awards Sneak Peek

Chinsetakout here!!

Club Penguin just released a sneak peek of a new event! Click more for all the info:

The new event is the Club Penguin awards which im sorry to say will be a Member Party.  From March 20- April 9 everyone will be able to vote on their favorite plays but only members will be able to walk the red carpet and get into the stage where there will be tons of surprises!


Don’t forget to check back on Friday for all the fancy clothes filled Clothing Catalog Cheats as well as a new Adopt a puffle catalog. :D



12 Responses

  1. This looks awesome :D I just wish it was for both members and non members :cry:


  2. Hey! Awesome blog. And awesome look on Cp!


  3. hi i say rockhopper just now on alaska

  4. !!!!!!$$$$$ ~CONTEST ON MY SITE~$$$$$!!!!!!

  5. cool post Chinsetakout

  6. Can u do the comment box font like your one & can you do the fireworks, that’s it.

  7. reply ASAP

  8. sweet

  9. ok china someone did something on my sight and i need you to help me fix the CCS the link to the second header is and plz do the fireworks thing too. thx!

  10. I got a question, when you made the widgets for the different catalogs and everything, did you make them from pages, or did you find the widgets somewhere, or did you make them? I want to be able to put like the newspaper on my sidebar to where all people have to do is click on it and go through it while on my site. Is there any advice or anything you can give me?

  11. Hey everyone this site is cool but theres something for me to tell you all.There are lots of cheats for club penguin on
    youtube! Did you know you can go to a shop that sells club penguin toys and have a sneak look at some toy codes with nobody else knowing!!!But remember ALWAYS PICK THE LAST TOY!!!I am not sure if you can defently do that but i think you can.I would do it myself but i live in england.I am very excited about the new ‘Elite Penguin Force’ D.S Game thats comeing to the UK

  12. Is it for Member’s olny?

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