Club Penguin Snow Sculpture Showcase

Update: We have gotten a domain! You can now reach this site by going to or :D

Chinsetakout here!!

Club penguin just released a sneak peek of the some of the ice sculptures! Click more for all the info:

As you know there is a Ice Sculpture Contest on Club Penguin where the winner gets the sculpture shown around the island and get some coins.  Here are some of the entries that have already been chosen:


Those look awesome! Did any of you enter? Comment if you did and what you drew :D The St Patricks Day party is coming up this Friday we will have all the Free Items, Rainbow Hunts, and more so dont forget to check back! Are any of you doing thing special to get ready for the party?



9 Responses

  1. Awesome sculptures! :D I can’t wait for the St Patty’s Party too!


  2. no i didnt kuz there is around 89 million penguins in cp and more thn half are gonna enter so i would not be chosen!
    Chinsetakout: Lol very true! But you never know you could have been chosen :D

  3. cool how do you make one

  4. I have heard that they only pick sculptures drawn by members only. If thats true, club penguin is really getting out of hand with members :S

    • because you do

  5. how did you get the domain thing and anyways can you make me the catalog thing.

  6. how do you make one

    • i rock
      do you

  7. nice work

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