Club Penguin Pin Cheat – Lucky Coin Pin

Chinsetakout here!!

Club Penguin just released a new pin! Click more to find the location:

Heres the new pin on Club Penguin and how to find it!




1. Log on  to Club Penguin

2. Go to the Mountain

3. Pick up the Lucky Coin Pin

This party’s decorations are really awesome and most of all I love the rainbow on the mountain :D Did this party live up to your expectations? I will put Party Pics up on the page before the party ends so you can check out all the rooms :D



23 Responses

  1. Sweet Pin :D I also like how the snow is tinted green at the Party! :mrgreen:


  2. the party isnt loading for me :( can you help me?

  3. Awesome!! Thanks for the cheat!!

  4. cool

  5. Chinsetakout, is it okay if you can go to my site? *no advertising*
    Thx! :D

  6. hey CHinse meet me at snowboard dock now plz


  7. chinse when you hit j there are new jokes for st patricks day party ill

  8. Hey chinse go to snowboard dock again plz posted at 6:51 ECT.


  9. uuuhhhhhhhh

  10. Chinse plz meet me now at Glacier Dock or Go to my party which is posted at my site. I will wait a while. Just please make it.
    *no advertising*


  11. CHinse I know your really nice so plz meet me at Glacier Dock or make it to my party.
    Posted at 12:35 P.M. eastern Coastal Time


  12. P.S. Im getting Code In a Hour ;-)


  13. hey dude its me xlr8 64 we meet on cp awsome blog by the way well thats it bye

    Ps. check out my site its *no advertising*


  14. CHinse wanna be a part of my site??? comment to make sure.


  15. Chinse. Its ok I will still add u as a author at least be a part of it. Thx. :-)

    p.S. Thx for adding me

  16. thx for the comment dude you rock


  17. Hey Chinse. Please tell ppl to go to my site if you can. Please. P.S. Im getting coin code tommorow morning try to find me on CP. Thanks. ;-) *no advertising*


  18. Im sorry for asking for so many favors from u. But please do one post on my site, Thanks. At least one saying its you here.


  19. i love club penguins willy

  20. i love harrys willy he is ma boyfriend

  21. hiyyah club penguin nof the world how r ya all doin??????? anyway love ya all loadzz

  22. wow this ia good i like it i now this pin

  23. My site is *no advertising* my user name is cp is Apom59

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