Club Penguin Rare Penguin Giveaway

Update: The secret word will be coming out soon! Keep refreshing this page to make sure your the first one to see it! :D

Chinsetakout here!!

We are having a new kind of contest here and I think its going to be a blast. Click more for all the info:

This is how the new contest will work. Tomorrow March 15th, 2009 at 1:30PM PST I am going to post a secret word on this site and the first person to unscramble the word and comment the answer will recieve the password for the rare penguin! So this is what your comment should look like:

The secret word is: (word here)

My email is: (enter email address here)

All comments will be under moderation until a winner has been chosen! This contest doesn’t take anything to win just be here when i post the secret word and you have a great chance of winning :D

The penguin you could win is 1011 days old. It has one of the coolest name I have EVER  seen and the password is very safe. Here is a picture:




19 Responses

  1. Good Luck :D


  2. is the penguin called cooly coz i already won that penguin!
    Chinsetakout: No its a totally different penguin.


  3. Ahhhh man. Mine is in the 770s or 780s. I wish I had that cool penguin. Snap. Try to go on your chat please. Thx ;-)


  4. ok chinse i im trying to find it and meet me on cp please someone removed all my buddies and can you give a hint

  5. the word is blast thats my guess lol

  6. I sent the donation
    Chinsetakout: Thanks i am working on your sidebar name and site on the Advertisment Post. We will most likely use the coin code for a contest so lol you might be able to win it back :D

  7. the word is four leaf clover and e-mail me at

  8. The seceret word is: (Four Leaf Clover)
    My Email is:

  9. The code is four leaf clover

  10. Dude when are you posting it?

  11. hey cp fans here is kyogre90 a rare penguin. i have tons of rare accounts . if you want 1 you want 1 email me to *removed* with a toy code or a non member rare account until then waddle on

  12. Secret word: four leaf clover


  13. oh pplz can i have the rare penguin coz my membership expired now i have nothing to do on cp??????

  14. lol

  15. ok my email is

  16. lol i copyied ur name????

  17. my email is pplz pplz give me the penguin

  18. i no a member on ultimate safe chat it is username mnmtnt password 12345678910

  19. hello guys i need two member accounts that are not published on a web sites.plzzzzzzzzzzzz give me if you have one give it to me on

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