Club Penguin Rare Penguin Contest Results

Chinsetakout here!!

The contest is now over and the results are in :D Click more to find out who won:

Before i announce the winner i just want to let you know how we chose them. The person who won was the FIRST to comment with the secret word and that is why they have won the rare penguin! Drum roll please….. And the winner is:

Chidori 456


The answer to the scrambled word was Four Leaf Clover and many of you got that right! :D Maybe i should pick a harder word next time ;) :twisted: Don’t worry for those who didnt win because we will be having another one of these contests really soon probably this upcoming weekend and it possibly will be for a Coin Code! So look out for that :D



14 Responses

  1. Good Job to everyone and thanks for entering :D


  2. OMG. Im so happy :-) cant wait to try it out. p.s. go to ur chat. p.s.s. thc are ur wawesome im so happy


  3. Hey Chinse. I think you should post the answer????? Just giving some advice from a fans opinion.

    Chinsetakout: Thanks for the advice :D

  4. oops forgot to enter lol :)

  5. OMFG! i commented the first and said four leaf clover! :(:(:(:(:(:(:(

  6. maybe i can win next time

  7. man i wanted to win that rare penguiin me and my friend are sharing a 1,115 day old penguin

  8. and it stinks its not a beta

  9. whats the name chidori

  10. :( aw man :cry:

  11. Hey guys! Chinse I have a deal to make with u, If you give me 50 wordpress credits ill give u a serise 1 coin code! my email is: thanks bye!

  12. its banned forever and chinse when i get another memebrship ill give it to you if you give me a rare penguin

  13. Sorry I didnt know credits cost that much!

  14. Im hoping at some point somone gives me wordpress credits. XD

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