Club Penguin in the Spanish Language

Hola! Chinsetakout here!!

Club Penguin will soon be able to be played in Spanish! Click more for all the info:

Club Penguin will soon be in spanish and there is evidence on  their jobs page!


What language do you think they will release next, after Spanish?



10 Responses

  1. I think they might do German, Chinese, or Polish. :D What do you think?


  2. HEBREW!!! lol

  3. Yea probally German, Chinese, or Polish.

  4. heya, Im having a party tomorrow. come to my site for the invitation.
    hope to see you there

  5. i think italian and can u help me get a coin code or membership for a contest

  6. Hey, check out this link:

  7. Actually it’s this link:

  8. podria ser mandarin o chino

  9. BTW, Spanish Language Support Representatives is just where you can get Spanish support! :P

  10. Maybe it will be Norwegian

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