Club Penguin March 2009 Furniture Catalog Cheats

Chinsetakout here!!

Club Penguin release a new furniture catalog! Click more for all the cheats:

There is a new Furniture Catalog and it has tons of Cheats so lets get started :D


How to find the Disco Ball:

1. Go to Page One

2. Click on Red Electric Guitar


How to find the White Puffle Poster:

1. Go to Page Four

2. Click on the word ‘Puffle’


Cheat to find the Ice Table:

1. Go to Page Five

2. Click on the Koi Pond


Cheat to find the Aquarium:

1. Go to Page Seven

2. Click on the Pinata


Cheat for Welcome Mat:

1. Open to Page Eight

2. Click on the Velvet Rope


Cheat to find Green Birdhouse:

1. Go to Page Nine

2. Click the on the Right Snow Fort


Phew! Thats a lot of hidden items! Whats your favorite item in the Funiture Catalog?



One Response

  1. I really like the shadow boxes for Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal :D


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