Special Stage Announcement and New Chat Bubble

Chinsetakout here!!

Billybob has released some more news about the Play Awards. Click more for all the info:

We’ve been hearing from many of you about the Penguin Play Awards – how awesome you think the Backstage is and how cool it’s been to meet some of your favorite penguin characters like Aunt Arctic and Cadence. The team really loves all the feedback you give.


We’ve also heard that you’d like to enjoy the Stage with more friends, so I’m excited to let you know that starting tomorrow, everyone will be able to check out what’s going on in the Stage! Everyone will be able to enter the Stage but the VIP backstage area where you can pick up your award and hang out with special guests will remain exclusive for members. For those of you planning to go to the Penguin Play Awards this weekend, I just heard there might be surprise visits from MORE special guests in the Backstage!!

There is also new chat bubble font! I think it totally rocks! Its much bigger and bolder so its easy to read :D




7 Responses

  1. oh i know the new chat bubble is well smart

  2. It hurts my eyes just looking at it!

  3. lol im really want a rare penguin please e-mail me at newyorkjets27@yahoo.com anyone can give mema rare penguin

  4. cool post

  5. Heyyy whats up!?!!

    Ohh you have a great site here it has changed a lot in style, hits and class!!!!! I am very impresses of your work and will make this another one of my stops for Club Penguin Cheats :D

    If you don’t mind would you mind coming to my site and leaving a comment back!!! I would greatly appreciate it!!!!!

    *no advertising*


    Thanks and by the way do you have a aim???? If so tell me in your comment!!!

  6. if you make a new penguin it changed again give me credit

  7. cool
    want my msn?
    then here it is
    if u think its fake check y a self!

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