Club Penguin Pin Cheat – Top Hat Pin

Chinsetakout here!!

Club Penguin has released a new pin! Click more for its location:

Here is how to find the New Club Penguin Pin:

1. Log on to Club Penguin

2. Go into the Lodge Attic

3. Click the Top Hat Pin

4. Add pin to your Inventory



There  you go! You now have the newest Club Penguin Pin :D

– Chinsetakout


11 Responses

  1. Check back later to find the details for the Coin Code contest! :D


  2. cool its a top hat pin


  4. I will try my best to come to the party china! :)

  5. Hey JOJI. Search me please and comment at my site. ;-)


  6. this is one of my fav webs :)

  7. PSS WANNA HEAR A SECRET A I know a member code but my freind figrured itt out randomly
    Chinsetakout: Cool, but you might not want to use it because the only way one works is if someone buys it, so before someone buys it, it wont work. If you use it then whoever bought it won’t be able to use the membership they paid for.

  8. so i have to ask him

  9. also he just pressed a bunch of buttons so you dont need to buy it PS find AA you cant find G because hee left for a few days but find AA

  10. Hey Chinse. Please comment at my sitesaying how to do the more thing on most of your posts. You know the site so just comment saying how. ;-)


  11. Thx for info and go 2 ur chat

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