Club Penguin Cheats Half a Million Hits Party Review!

Update: Check out the new poll at the bottom of the sidebar! :D

Chinsetakout here!!

We just finished our 500,000 hits party! Click more to see a review of the awesome party:

Well our 500,000 hits party just wrapped up and i just gonna say its not what i thought it was going to be. IT WAS EVEN BETTER! Thank you to everyone who came to party :D It was a blast! We partied for almost an hour and it was so fun :D Lets take a look at what went down :D

First we all met up at the Dock and partied there for a little while.


Next we moved to the mountain where we yelled the workers names on this site :D Too bad jojo doesnt show up :cry:



Next we played some sled races :D



Next we moved our party to the Ski Lodge Attic where we could play some Find Four!



Next we went to my igloo where we danced for awhile :D


Next we decided we wanted to have a Fashion Show :D


Everyone did awesome in the fashion shows, it was so hard to pick a winner! 8O








Next we went to the Iceberg which we tried to tip.



I had to go after this so we said out goodbye :cry:


Five Featured Penguins:







Wow! This party was the best one yet :D Thanks for showing up everyone and making the party such a blast! We all want to thank you for visiting our site, you guys make this site worth while and all of you guys are what make this site great :D


24 Responses

  1. OMG CHINA! Im sooooooo sorry!!! I totally forgot! :( I was thinking about it, but i keep thinking its saturday….. im sooooooo sorry!! :(
    sorry again…. :(

  2. :cry: I did not get feautred. WAH! P.S. Im sorry I could not stay for the entire thing I had lots of HW. Im sorry. Im a bad buddy. Also Please do those favors I commented for. Thx. ;-)


  3. Thanks everyone for coming :D Next party at 750,000 hits :D


  4. Srry I didnt stay long i had to eat!!!?!?!!?

  5. I cant believe I was one of the five featured penguins!!! I’m so excited. Hey come to my igloo to celebrate on March 30th on Christmas at the dock and celebrate our success. please come Jojo Doctor Pepper and Chinsetakout. Also, why was that weird penguin calling you china?

  6. The party is at 2:00 pst

  7. I hope I win the coin code contest!!!!!!!

    Waddle On!

  8. I was sad when i looked on the site and you said that you went to the emergency room. Also you said that dr Pepper wasnt feeling good either. I wonder what happened to Jojo161616?

  9. Ill be on Cristmas right now celebrating with a buddy list ready to be full so hurry as we speak im on right now!!!!! Im rare too!

  10. Hey thanks for making me one of the 5 penguins you published if you ever want to chat with me just e-mail me it is see ya at your next party

  11. sweet i won the fashipn show for black and im a featured penguin man that party was awesome

  12. Come to my party at my igloo on Christmas right now! its open Chinse!

  13. that party was awsome even tho i lost where u guys were at the end

  14. The party was AWESOME! In fact, that was my first time I partied with a famous penguin online. It’s to bad i did’nt get my player featured. I won christmas theme, so i thought i would! Maybe next time.
    P.S, Vistit my website and please be my follower! Dont forget to comment! =)

  15. this is the firstvtime ive been to one of ur partys

  16. im in like every pic lol

  17. WOAH! thats awesome china!!! 8O

  18. lol i see you on cp right now :D

  19. thansk for adding me!

  20. cool ofyou for adding me and changing my pick you rock

  21. Thanks for featuring me, your party was awsome!
    -Adele Rules

  22. I have a comment about the CSS. Can you change the CSS so we do not have to click ‘more’ to look at the post? Because my computer loads kinda slow. Congrats on the 500,000 hits!

  23. Hey, Sorry I didnt come, My baseball game went a little late, Sorry!

  24. hmmmm propably not.
    (cpg bengallady7

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