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Club Penguin 2009 April Fools Party Cheats

Chinsetakout here!!

Club Penguin has released the April Fools Party. Click more for all the cheats:

The April Fools party is here and its awesome :D The decorations are great and i love the different boxes! Lets get started:

The free item is a Blue Propellor Cap and you can find it in the mine. This is brought back from two years ago!




If you dance while wearing nothing but the propellor cap you will fly!


The member room is a box store and is located in the Snow Forts! Here you can buy boxes for your igloo :D


Here is what the member room looks like! Don’t forget to paint a masterpeice using your paint ballons :D


Click the box in the lower right hand corner to see all the boxes you can buy!


I reccomend buying the Portal Box first because it has a secret use 8O The other boxes don’t do much :(


Once you buy the Portal Box go to your  igloo and take it out of your inventory! Now walk into it :D


It takes you to a box demension! Its awesome :D There are boxes floating everywhere! The best part is that non members can enter this “box demension” by using a members portal! So for all you non members out there just go to peoples igloos on the map and try to find one with a portal! When i am on Club Penguin in the server Frozen  i will leave my igloo open for all you guys to use my portal! Also throw a snowball while in the box dimension because you will see they go up and down instead of just straight :D


There also three pairs of portal boxes around Club Penguin that pair up! Here are the different pairs:

Pizza Parlour to Dance Club:


Coffee Shop to Beacon:


Lighthouse to Ski Lodge:


Also don’t forget that you can walk on the walls in the Dojo, Dojo Court Yard, and Ninja Secret Room!


In the dojo areas, also try throwing a snowball! Instead you will throw a paint balloon :D


Wow! Pretty sweet party! I think last years was  a lot better but its still fun to play with the boxes :D I definitally recommend getting a good luck at each room and seeing what each box does because the party will be gone before you know it :cry: Whats your favorite part/room of the party?



29 Responses

  1. Awesome Party! My favorite rooms are probably the Dojo areas and the box dimension :D What are yours?


    • Mine has got to be the box store! its amazing with all great features!

      waddel on!

  2. awesome i wonder if the box demension stays even after the party i hope it dous! but i doubt it i could use the box after party and still go!

    • Its staying. Dont worry
      (CPC MOD)

  3. This helped me alot!! Thx!

  4. Hi chinsetakout,

    i accidentally spelt waddle wrong, sorry, ill be right with my spelling next time! lol!

    waddle on!

  5. Cool!!!!

  6. My most favorite room is the box dimension and the dojo courtyard because i can dress up like a ninja and walk on the walls!!!! Come to my igloo today at6:30 pst!!!! Penguitt on frozen

  7. good god!! 63 mails!

  8. kool website check out mine here it is

    *no advertising*

    p.s it is bigghj my website isicehors cause it wont allow name bigghj i will add ur site to my blogroll and here is my email


    p.s thanks for adding me!

  9. *no advertising* visit plz its my site
    and this party rocks!

  10. chinesetakeout your remover me! :-( ~BJC695

  11. nah april fools :P

  12. Due to a few issues with your blog, I will not add you to my blogroll.

    Your CSS has hidden links and thats not really to good for your blog and me linking to it is not good for me.

    And I have a requirement that you have me added for about a week first.

  13. you there man
    (cpc mod)

  14. this site rocks

  15. Ok.

    You can fix it by modifying your css template.

    You have:

    body, {

    Replace with:

    body,#content,#menu,#rap {

    • hello king pin this is zoozach2 i am the mod of this site if you need any help please have no trouble to ask me just post a comment of email me a ZAHALPERN@GMAIL.COM
      (CPC MOD) -zoozach2

  16. i like the party, just wish they had soem new tiems for me, cuase i have that item already :(

    • im betting you the next party will have new items!!!!!
      (CPC MOD)

    • hey i bet you that the next party will have a new item
      (CPC MOD)

    • I bet there will be more items at the next party! Dont worry!
      CPC MOD

  17. “Muddgirl4000’s Super Awesome CP Cheats Totally Insane Party”

    Server: Sleet
    Where: Iceberg (We will go from there)
    Why: 3000 Hits
    When: Sunday, April 4th
    Time: 1:00 PM PST

    I hope you can make it! If youre lucky you will be featured :D

    • sure ill se if i can get chinsetakout to be there see ya there
      (CPC MOD)

  18. Awesome and remember 2 tell me how to bcome a mod

    • To be a mod, you have to answer peoples questions on this site frequently and correctly.Also you have to visit this site frequently as well.
      (CPC MOD)

  19. come to frozen ill be there till 1100
    se ya there
    (CPC MOD)

  20. Dude, “Zachary Halpern” give it a rest! Jeez…. I’m sure that you dont really have any idea what is going on, on this site. So, you dont have to go and reply to every comment. Chinse specifically said, “to frequently asked questions”. “Kingpin2” wasnt presenting a question. He was specifically talking to CHINSETAKOUT about the CSS. You aren’t an Admin on this site, so you have no idea how to fix it, or what to do. Seriously, just ANSWER “FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS” dude!

    • You should be a bit nicer. He is just trying to help. You should mind your own business.
      (CPC MOD)

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