Club Penguin No Name Cheat

Chinsetakout here!!

I have just found a cheat that makes it so you dont have a name on Club Penguin. Click more for the info:

This Club Penguin Cheat will make it so you can’t see your or anyone elses name on Club Penguin. Follow these steps:

First take  out a portal box from your inventory.


Next put it into your igloo!


Now walk to the other side of your igloo. Next click the box to walk over to it then before you get there click the Tape Measure Icon to edit your igloo.


Now you will be in the Box Dimension and you wont be able  to see anyones name! This will stay like this until you log off and will continue anywhere in Club Penguin!


Pretty cool cheat! Have you tried it out?



9 Responses

  1. Awesome Cheat! Give it a try :D Thanks to Yoda Ads for this Cheat! :D


    • I tryed it!

      Its seriously fun! Also chinsetakout is it ok if i am aloud to borrow some pictures because my computer want let me do print screen and it’s quit frustrating!

      waddle on!

  2. That was so awesome!!! I tried it and it was a blast.

  3. works

  4. yes

  5. it didnt work for me :( well anyway can i be an auther???


  7. kool it works!

  8. IT WORKS! IT DOES! when i tried it i coudnt see the names AND what penguins were saying! cool cheat

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