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Hmm…Did You Notice That?

Chinsetakout here!!

I found somethings around Club Penguin that maybe everyone hasn’t noticed. Click more to check it out:

All these things I found don’t really matter but I thought it would be fun to see how many of these things you noticed! :D

Did you notice that there are no words in the window outside the coffee shop while there are words inside?

hm1     hm2

Did you notice old Club Penguin when you open the Pizza Parlour doors? (thanks to Penguitt)


Did you notice all around Club Penguin it shows the Ski Hill with a building on top of it?


Did you notice that the Ski Lodge Door opens two different ways?

 hm5   hm6

Did you notice there is a black screen which probably means a new room in the HQ?


Did you notice there is no tour guide stand in the HQ screen of the Ski Village and the Dojo looks like the old Dojo without the ninja stuff?

hm12     hm13

Did you notice the mystical pot next to Sensei turns different colors?


Did you notice on the outside of the Coffee Shop it shows windows in the Book Room but there are none?


Well, I think its cool to find all these different things around Club Penguin! :D How many have you noticed before?



56 Responses

  1. How many of these things have you noticed before :?:


    • I have think oi noticed about almost all of though!


      • awesome post!

    • Thanks Chinse for using my cheat. Ive noticed most of them like the HQ computers, Ski hill, and the Coffee Shop windows in the book room, and the downstairs!
      :D :D

      (CPC MOD)

    • Also! Did you notcie that on the map the Ski Lodge has no chimney?
      (CPC MOD)

    • Also did you know that if you look at the map at the lighthouse, it surrounded by trees. But when u go there, its surrounded in snow!
      Good to help!
      (CPC MOD)

    • Also did you notice that if you go to the snow forts and look at the ice rink, you will so 2 bleachers. when you go tere, theres only 1!
      (CPC MOD)

    • Hey Chinse. I have a question. For the coffee shop window with the words inside it but not outside. On your picture it says Cafe. On my computer it say Coffee Shop. Weird
      (CPC MOD)
      Chinsetakout: I was in a Portugeuse server because all the English ones were so crowded. Also the penguin you gave is banner forever :?

      • Last but not least is the Sport Shop! Go to the Ski Village and look at the tubes in front of the shop. Then look at it on the map. Anything different?
        (CPC MOD)

      • y?

      • Im sad and am so sorry!
        (CPC MOD)

      • Go to the chatbox
        (CPC MOD)

  2. i noticed most of them

  3. ive noticed a few of them. lol
    did u notice on the map the cove is above the forest but you walk down stairs to get to it? lol i noticed alot of this stuff

  4. did u notice EVERY room is empty on the hq screens lol

    • yes i noticed in the old cp penguins showed up in the rooms

    • i kno! its stupid now =/

  5. Thank-You Sooooo MUCH!!!!!!!!!! Im so happy that I am a CPC mod. Is there going to be a limit to the list??????????? PLease tell me. Again thaaaaank-you for making me a CPC mod. It is fun and I will help the site as much as possible in hits and in fan help. ;-)


    p.s. do u have the WP credits ????


  7. lolz


  9. I’ve noticed most of them!
    P.S. Your site rocks and I just found it 5 minutes ago!

  10. look below the ski lodge its the old dj thing

    • Oh yeah LOL

  11. I noticed none of them thank you I will keep an eye on the blank screen on the HQ and I really want to know if there is a new room. I suppose I should go if any one notices anything on the blank screen. reply so I can see what is actually happening

  12. The only one(s) i din’t notice is/are the coffee shop!

  13. :D :d :D :d ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D :D

  14. haha lol :D ;D :d :d ;D

  15. ive notice a little things but check this out!!!!

    1)in the map the dojo is in a mountain without waterfalls but when you go outside there is a falls!!!

    2)in the outside the ski lodge door is on the left but inside the door is in the right thats desame with the coffe shop and the gift shop and many more building!!!

    3)the theatre is the only building being not decorated evry party!!!

    4)in the map there are 2 islands in club penguin but when you play aqua grabber there are 3……..mmmmmmhhhh…….maybe its rockhopper island!!!!

  16. I’ve noticed the coffee shop one, i didnt notice the ski hill with a building on it, I’ve noticed that the ski lodge door opens 2 different ways,I’ve noticed that there was a black screen in the HQ, i didnt notice that there was no tour guide stand on the HQ tv, I,ve noticed that the pot next to Sensei changed colors (lol that might be the easiest) and the last one i didn’t not either. well thats about all the things on the list.
    Waddle on,

  17. on the hq board

  18. woooooooow dude thats cooooooooooool

    • On your dahsboard. The first time someone comment and possibly more. They will appear as waiting for moderation. When you have approved most of them it will do it attomatically. THere is also a setting. On your dashboard in recenet comments you can Approve, Unna prove, and delete.

      (CPC MOD)

  19. k I have a question! You know how u have to approve a comment? with mine once I approve the ppls comment once, It automatticly makes it approved, But on urs it doesnt, how do u make it so I always have to approve it?
    Please comment back telling me how! thanks!

  20. chinse i might ctually quit cp
    Chinsetakout: Why? :cry:

  21. wow! I’m not sure if I have ever noticed any! Well maybe 3 or 4 i guess.

  22. Cool idea. I love it!!!

  23. I never noticed lots of them.

  24. I would be a great CPC MOD!

  25. I was never posted by ur site. I think i would be a great MOD.

  26. I was never posted by your site. I think I would be a great CPC MOD.

  27. I noticed much things but a big thank to you all. And a question: Can i become CPC Moderator?

    • You have to visit this site FREQUENTLY and answer questions FREQUENTLY and comment alot. Good luck! ;)
      (CPC MOD)

  28. You have a great eye!!

  29. will they be hidden in the side bar?

  30. nice catch Chinse! Keep that up!

  31. im bored

  32. The gift shop, coffee shop, and the light house’s doors open two different ways also! And the dojo and the theater have two doors outside and one inside and the pet shop has one door outside and two inside! I also found that the door from the boiler room to the pool room open two different ways too!

  33. Hey just in cause you need help with the eggs theres one in the *removed* and one with a *removed*
    hope it help! cpc Mod bengallady7

  34. Hey Chinesetakeout!

    You have been chosen for Penguin Choice Awards 09!
    You have been selected in the category of Best Team Blog!

    If you are interested in participating…
    Please leave a comment on my blog (*no advertising*)

    ~Shimbo37 (Host Of Penguin Choice Awards 09)
    Ps. You have a couple of days to decide!

  35. hey I’ve got anthoer one, the black puffle is almost always frowning but when you click on it its smiling
    cpc Mod bengallady7 leaving for disney in 10 days!

  36. I didnt notice ANY of this even though it was staring me in the face. This was cool. :)



  39. I think i would be a great mod.When you look outside the pizza parlors door you see a light and there is none.


  40. did you notice that there is an open/closed sign on coffee shop door?
    but when you go outside nothing s there

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