Club Penguin Rare Penguin Easter Egg Hunt Giveaway

Another Update: The contest will end Wednesday April 15th so that is when i will see who the winner is and email them the penguin! :)

Update: Some of you are wondering what the eggs look like so here is an example without any letter on it but they are different colors:


Here are some hints to find the eggs:

  • Check past posts by using the archives on the sidebar
  • Check the pages and scroll down all the way checking for eggs

Hey everyone Dr Pepper 66 here!

We are going to have a contest for a rare penguin! :) This contest is different then we have done before so I will show you how to compete for the 1036 day old penguin! We are going to hide Nine easter eggs around our site with different letters on them. The first person to unscramble them and enter the secret word in the Password Protected Post and comment their email on that post wins the penguin! The easter eggs could be hidden anywhere on this site: different posts, different pages, etc. Here is the penguin you could win:


If you have any trouble finding the nine eggs please comment and we will try to help you with some hints :D

Good Luck!

– Dr Pepper 66


74 Responses

  1. i want it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  2. Good luck everyone! :)

    • I want it
      (cpc mod)


    • My email is

    • Thanks! Ill need it!
      lol(CPC MOD)

  3. i need help!

  4. cant finred one!

  5. i been looking for long time
    Chinsetakout: Remember they can be on any post or page ever made on this site! :D

  6. tnx i fond 0

  7. im under alot of precer1

  8. may i have a clue?

  9. i fond 1 but

  10. help!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. i looked at alll stel none!

    • i found 5 . Is there one in October?

  12. Thats a good idea. Thank you.

    • I need help! Give me a riddle for one! plz
      (CPC MOD)

      • Help Dr Pepper 66 or Chinsetakout!!!!!!!!! :(

  13. i found 9 eggs!

    • Where? what are the letters?
      (CPC MOD)

    • Your lying!

  14. I need help! Whats the first letter?

    • I have only found 6. ive checkd everywhere! Theres only 6! Give us riddles for all of them!!!!!!
      (CPC MOD)

      • Answer me!
        Im begging you! :( :( :( :( :(

        (CPC MOD)

  15. can you post a pic of the egg so i can get a hint of what the egg looks like

  16. i dont know what to look for, and what it looks like!

  17. i found some are these some or did i just recount them? skoousk

    • Where did you find the second sk?(CPC MOD)

    • Go on the chat
      (CPC MOD)


  19. Plz?

  20. U there?
    (CPC MOD)

  21. :@

  22. Im sad!

    • Talk to me on the chat!!!!!!!!

  23. You recounted. (CPC MOD)

  24. I ned help!

  25. Nvm! I hav the hang of it! ;) Good luck!
    Hope you all find the eggs!
    (CPC MOD)

  26. I found the password guys! =D

    • YOU DID??????? ? ? ? ? ? ?

    • ?????????

    • What did you put
      tell me on private chat!
      (CPC MOD)

  27. Please, please, please let me become cpc mod!!!
    p.s.: this contest is really cool

  28. what is i want to see comments

    • keep tryin!

      • hi help

        • Hey! Keep tryin! ;) Good Luck! :D :D
          (CPC MOD)

  29. hey chisnetakout im leaving in 11 days now so the codes coming soon we’ll be there for about 6 days and then i have to find time to send it so thanks again!
    cpc modeter Bengallady7

    • May I have one? Jk. Im serious. Plz?
      (CP MOD)

  30. i need help finding egg nymber 3

  31. Im having a coin code contest! You should check it out!

    • How? What is your site? Tell me on private chat.
      (CPC MOD)

  32. Hey Chinesetakeout!

    You have been chosen for Penguin Choice Awards 09!
    You have been selected in the category of Best Team Blog!

    If you are interested in participating…
    Please leave a comment on my blog (*no advertising*)

    ~Shimbo37 (Host Of Penguin Choice Awards 09)
    Ps. You have a couple of days to decide!

  33. hey if you need help theres one in an october post with a snow puffle…. hope this helps! cpc Mod bengallady7

    • Talk to me on the chat! Ill help. ;)
      (CPC MOD)

  34. I HAVE ALL NINE!!!!!!!!!:d

  35. Guys can you make it to my party?
    Time:1:30 (PST)
    Where:Server Parka,Dock
    Day:April 13,09
    Please be there!

  36. I found it My Email is Bye {Pup}

  37. I found six and I looked throughout the whole blog and need help. Give hints please!

    • Well some can be on Pages and or other months and some can even be posted by Dr Pepper66 or Jojo161616 too! Good luck hunting! ;)
      (CPC MOD)

  38. I WON!!!!!!!!! HA HA HA!

  39. I SWEAR I WON!

  40. Damn is it still on??!!

    • Dont curse! I think there is something wrong with your site Chinsetakout. First it let Atomic Skull post a site! Now its letting ppl curse! We need to fix it!
      (CPC MOD)

      • How come the winners arent posted yet?
        (CPC MOD)

  41. i fond 4

  42. i dont think so.

    • We all know! Zoozach won. Ok. Bye
      (CPC MOD)

  43. tell us who won!

  44. me email is messed up so it would help to know if i won or not

  45. good job to whoever won the penguin!
    cpc mod Bengallady7

  46. Hey aweome contest at my site!(im back) Win a free member rare penguin! :D
    hurry it ends friday!

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