Club Penguin Medieval Party Background and Sneak Peek

Chinsetakout here!!

Club Penguin released info on the Medieval Background we voted on and Billybob got a sneak peek of the party! Click more for all the info:

Your comments from Wednesday’s blog have decided the background – We’ve looked carefully at our French, Portuguese, and English comments and the clear winner was Choice #3!


I wasn’t going to announce the name of the party yet, but a lot of you guessed… and you were right – it’s the Medieval Party! It’ll go from May 8 – 17. Thanks for all your feedback. We love to hear from you about what you want to see. And speaking of the Medieval Party… I got a glimpse of some of the things that the team is working on.


Sweet! I picked #3 background :D Which did you pick? The Medieval Party is a lot of fun because there are decorations in almost every room :D



20 Responses

  1. Are you excited for the Medieval Party? Been to one before?


    • I cant wait for the Mideival Party again! It was awesome last year and it will be awesome this year too! I wonder if they will bring back the wizard hat?
      (CPC MOD)

  2. Hey Chisnetakout now that im a Mod you need to add me to your buddy list, Im already friends with jojo I’ll try to find some time to get on to meet you. cpc mod Bengallady7

  3. no

  4. im exctied cause i’ve never been to one before so this is my first one!

  5. I am soo excited! I never been on it before!
    I hope we will get an cool free item!
    p.s. pls make me a cpc mod.
    Chinsetakout: I am making you a CPC MOD! :D Make sure to visit often and comment a lot too!

  6. Thats sooo cool!
    I picked #3. And they chose it!!!!

  7. Sweet Post!


  8. I think in the shelf will be a cool room like at the halloween party!
    P.s.:I want be mod too.

    • Thats a very creative idea! ;)
      (CPC MOD)

  9. Hey you guys! Just checking up on the site. How are you doing? You guys are awesome! Thanks for giving us this info.
    Join the Golden Ghost Army at:
    *no advertising*!


  10. Hey Everyone, I have a contest going on, on my site! Visit for the contest!
    *website not included: ask china if you want it. :) *
    Aka- Sliperslidin

  11. cool post!

  12. good

  13. :M

    i think it might be the same this year.

  15. I picked #3 also, lol! Yay for being on the winning… backround… thingy….

  16. kool i only joined last year ad havent been to one yet so tht makes it more exiting

  17. Great! hope your excited! This is my first one too!
    cpc mod Bengallady7

  18. lame

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