Club Penguin April 2009 Furniture Catalog Cheats

Chinsetakout here!!

Myself jojo and dr pepper are in NYC for a school trip so I am posting from my iPod touch. Click more for all the cheats:

Here are the catalog cheats:

Click on the Poodle Plant for the wheelbarrow.

Click on the right corn plant for the picket fence.

Click on the red guitar for the discoball.

Click on the word “puffle” for the white puffle poster.

Click on the Koi Pond for the Ice Table.

Click on the Pinata for the Aquarium

There was also a new igloo catalog!

There are some new floors :D



12 Responses

  1. HEy this is Penguitt! Hey Chinsetakout! Check your e-mail when you get back! It has some very interesting news for you! It is TOP SECRET and only Me,Chuluping,and Zoozach know about it! So shhh! Kepp it on the hush hush. The furniture catalog rocks a I bought 30 of everything! :) :D
    (CPC MOD)

  2. tnx!

  3. COOL! thanks for the cheats, i’m making a kingdom igloo for the medival party, so i wish they had blue medival furniture, not pink. ; )

  4. I hope yall enjoy the new floors!

  5. Cool! The Floor´s are ssweeeett

    • I like the wooden one best! :) :D
      (CPC MOD)

  6. Tomorrow, I go to Yosemite! :D

  7. Great Post!
    -Pj Viljoen

  8. Hey people its me Chuluping!
    Pls try out my cool new site. *no advertising*

    Thank you.

  9. how do you change the color of your words on ur sight? i know how to do everything else

  10. lol cool you have an ipod touch!

  11. COOL! YOU HAVE AN ITOUCH?! I don’t even have an mp3 :P

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